2 Plead Guilty In Downtown Minneapolis Gang-Related Shootings

2 Plead Guilty In Downtown Minneapolis Gang-Related Shootings

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Authorities say security camera footage secured their fate, Bill Hudson reports (2:53). WCCO 4 News At 6 – September 16, 2016

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  1. When is WCCO going to report the daily shooting in North Mpls when is the violence going to be exposed as more and more Twin City residents are robbed, beaten and threatened and intimidated if the do report the crime?

  2. 1:441:50"Cases like this cop violence, don't respect citizens, neighborhood boundaries and doesn't respect city boundaries then it becomes a problem for everybody"
    This is what IT meant to sayπŸ‘

  3. more youth programmes opportunities and role models getting involved with the kids needed to stop the kids joining the gangs in the first place instead of locking them up for life after the fact and making overcrowded prisons even worse.

  4. Evidence from Facebook?!?? I LOVE IT!!!! Every time i hear a story about a nigga gettin locked up from posting guns and shit on social media I LOVE IT!!! LOCK THEIR DUMB ASSES UP!! Stupid ass muhfuckas doin hot shit and postin it online like the boys aint watchin!! Good for em!!!

  5. Ola!
    Are you shittin me?? This is a good negro. This negro discharged a weapon 20 + times in a public place that lands him in prison. ( love you/ me long time!) Off the FREEKEN street !
    JD/82nd πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  6. If you see 3 or 4 black thugs you better run for your life..
    And for the record am not racist there two type of black people the good hard working one paying bills and keeping out of trouble. The other one am sure you guys can figure it out.

  7. And while the court is charging them be sure to charge the police department for placing the guns and drugs in the neighborhood so they can create more criminals to catch and target more young black people so that they can have a job for slaving our youth and breaking up families let's not forget who the biggest gangster are in the so called America small small to large groups Police officer,- dea-,judge's,- FBI,-ATM,-CIA-,US.-marshal-,lawyers,-Military all the way to the White house so don't think for one second they don't control what's going on in the Hoods cause they are the very reason why it's happening and yea I said it cause my eyes are open to what is why the target is on us and that is our time is almost up once the curse has been fully lifted we as a black nation will rule again over all nations as it's stated by my heavenly father Yahweh I say to my people Sit still and be humble let Esau fall short so we can speed up the process I know y'all tired of them and so am I but we must follow out what father said read the book build up the faith follow with obedience and practice learning his laws and commandments until he comes for us open your eyes the war has started so we are just that close to the bigger picture Shalum to all with love…

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