20 minutes of STREET RACING (wreck & FIGHT?!)

20 minutes of STREET RACING (wreck & FIGHT?!)

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New Mexico NEVER disappoints. They showed up again and brought TONS of street racing with them! From 800hp import’s to 1000hp Mustangs, wrecks & fights – there was PLENTY of exciting sh*t going on this year! TONS of dig-races, 180mph highway pulls – it was an amazing time, and we can’t wait to be back again!
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  1. because pouring horsepower into a car and flooring it down a highway is street racing apparently
    also, that thing sounds like a tractor until it gets moving

  2. Only in New Mexico do you go to a drag race to kick ass!! But of course the most scared one there has to yell out, " hey fuck this shit where's my gun!?" And start walking off not to get a gun usually to go hide in the car

  3. Rick boy gtr fuck tards always gotta roll with like 5 other people and there hooker because they can't defend themselves because there mommy and daddy just paid there bitch ass outta any trouble they ever got in

  4. I appreciate that the guy in the white Cutlass felt the need to apologize to the other racers for not keeping it 100% straight and almost losing control. Respect to that guy.

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