2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO: Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive, CRAWL and Review

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Today we take a full look at the all new 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO!

The main truck filmed in the video is finished in Cement Gray, and we used the Barcelona Red model to demonstrate CRWL Control on the big rocks!

The exterior of the new TRD PRO Tacoma looks awesome with the lettering in the grille and all the black accents. The wheels have a nice look too, and the Fox Suspension in all four corners give it great off road capabilities with a comfortable on road ride.

The new generation Tacoma has a sleek interior with modern styling and technology, and these TRD PRO leather seats just make it that much better! I absolutely love the embossed leather in the centers of the seats and the shift knob looks great! The TRD Exhaust gives the truck a nice beefy sound and the chrome tip is tucked away so you won’t hurt it on the trails.

Testing out 4X4 Low with and without CRAWL Control was very cool. You can see how 2 tires would spin since they had the least amount of weight on them, but once engaging the slowest setting of CRAWL, the tires that have the most grip all of a sudden start turning and the truck moves! Very impressive checking out some of the off road capabilities of the all new 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO!!

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  1. I have the 2017 off-road
    just drive it
    It’s a gas gussuler
    It’s not even a smooth shifter all the auto stick shift gears are like
    No gears actually change so who cares non of the gears actually change and their all the same.
    When I’m going down a mountain pass and snow appears I reach for a slower gear to avoid the brakes on ice and slide effects a more natural approach into the fun. The fucking gear just allows you to fuck up and act like a idiot. Now who the hell wants to look like that
    Fix my truck you jack asses
    I’m getting a Ford F-150
    That truck sucks

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