Apollo Brown – Greatest Hits (2015)


1. Augmentation Ft Rapper Big Pooh (00:00)
2. We The People Ft OC (03:29)
3. Humble Pi Ft Ras Kass (07:40)
4. Promise Land Ft Rapper Big Pooh (11:45)
5. Fathers Day Ft Chino XL (14:55)
6. Anotha One Ft OC (19:10)
7. Yesman Shit Ft Sean Price & Reks (23:29)
8. Gettin By Ft Rapper Big Pooh & Dynasty (26:52)
9. H20 Ft Ras Kass, Pharoahe Monch & Rakaa Iriscience (30:14)
10. Walk With Me Ft Vinnie Paz & Blacastan (34:56)
11. Not That Guy Ft Your Old Droog (38:26)
12. The Formula Ft OC (42:07)
13. Impossible Dream Ft Ras Kass & Sean Price (45:57)
14. The Melody Ft The Left (50:27)


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  1. why don't kids today listen to knowledge? There's so much content out there to educate ones brain yet they chose to listen to nonsense. At their age, I was listening to lyrics, dope wordplay which led to me learning new words I never knew about. listening closely to lyrics also likely improves attention span, which a lot of these youngsters need to improve on.

  2. greatest producer out there if u dont count dj premier lol,lachemit fell of big time…i dont understand people that change a winning formula..he was up there with premier a time a go.Apollo brown is the shit these days..keep it hip hop

  3. One of my favorite producer of this generation. I didn't know Chino XL work with apollo brown. There are so many tracks you could check out such as nightmare by future joyner, All Alone by Ro Spit and so many more that Apollo have produced in the past.

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