Assassin’s Creed 3 – Homestead Mission ‘The Fight’ Walkthrough [HD]

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This is a walkthrough for the Homestead Mission ‘The Fight’ in Assassin’s Creed 3. With Full Synchronization.

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  1. I think is poetic after finally doing the ballet wave keyboard tap dance…the next stage object is "Ensure the fight never happens again". But as one poster said, just concentrate on one side at a time. When the rhythm/wave window gets tight, go to the other do the other side for a little bit. Once its bouncing green between two keys you just need to hit tap the key that sends the respective fighter way. Was no need to hold the W or UP arrow…just needed to get it bouncing green between and tap a single key.
    Regardless, this is terrible game content, and I think everyone can agree regardless.

  2. What the fuck ? ı'm trying to get pass this fucking idiotic mission for 15 minute and ı didn't accomplis any fucking thing what the hell were they thinking when they create this mission for pc ?

  3. For PC Gamers – hold W and Up keys all the time and alternately press A and right. Wait a little bit and make sure both the bars are always at the ends. It took me a while to get the hang of it.

  4. Left side-
    Hold W, tap A when it's on the bar that shows how close it is to hitting the other
    Right side-
    Hold UP, tap Right when it's on the bar that shows how close it is to hitting the other


  5. Best advice I've seen so far for PC: hold W and just focus on the other side. Don't bother with the WASD side until you're done with the other (and you'll never fail it as long as you're holding W).

  6. Thank you for this video. I had no idea what the f*ck I was suppose to do until viewing this. I'm playing on a PC, but the solution concept is the same. Done in one try after viewing.

    SIDEBAR: The controls (PC, console) are the WORST I've seen. Pure sh1t. For instance when running, whenever you come to a wall or post, Connor will climb it, even when I don't want to. Especially bad when being chased. AC IV was just as bad. It ought to be an option; when running, if you want to climb, hit the SPACEBAR, otherwise, just run into the wall or whatever.

  7. It took me atleast 10 attempts to figure out this crap mission, In 11th attempt i did it,,

    Just do this:: 1) Hold W & UP arrow
    2) just wait for bar to become green,, when it become green use A for left side to move && right arrow for right side,,,, (don't loose W & UP arrow key)
    do it in this way ::: press A for a moment, & then press Right arrow key for a moment, Then again A & then right arrow,, keep doing it untill the green bar reach to the end,, (Your key must hover the green bar all the time,, If not it will move to middle, & you will have to start again)

  8. For those on PC. Hold W and pick a side to start, I picked right side first. hold W and Hold the up arrow always, never let them go. Then tap whichever sides corresponding key to make it move away (so A or right arrow) and lightly tap it. If you get to a point where the bar moves back towards the middle, it means you now need to advance less on that side and move the opposite side bar to the same point. They have to 'cross the finish' roughly at the same time, but you can keep one 'at bay' while focusing on the other.

    Personally, I hope whomever designed this mission dies, a horrible death. I would've made it one of two ways, either connor walks up to them and says, if you keep fighting I"ll kill you and your family. Or Punch the fat one in the gut and the other in the neck. Instead of straight face (no emotion) 'keep away" the whole fight.

  9. come on guys and girls this were funny … yes frustrating but funny … when I struggled to do it the two hitting each other were just making me laugh. When I checked this video and read the comments on the pc version first try I made it. Some of the comments here is funny too … well if u cannot see the fun in this .. .try again 🙂

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