Bad Girls Club 11: Miami – Asking For Drama

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Sarah and Tiana get into an argument when they get back from the club. Check out this sneak peek of Bad Girls Club 11: Miami premiering Tuesday, August 13th at 8/7c only on Oxygen!

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  1. Why would she be yelling at her and push her? She did not even put her hands on her and this other girl push her. UGHHHH she need to keep her hands to her self. If she gotta problem she need to go solve it on her on because right now she acting like a b** who can't act right or normal.

  2. I just about shit myself when the clip ended. That was a promo?! As in that is supposed to inspire me to want to watch that show? Seriously? That's the "best" part? Stupid shrill bitches acting like 8 year olds?

    Perfect example of why I don't watch watch reality TV. I can't wrap my mind around the idea that people actually find this drivel entertaining.

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