Bad Girls Club: Back 4 More – 06. “Date Night Fights”

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Chanel and Jennifer plan a date with the boys they met at the beach party, but plans quickly don’t go as expected because of another girls late arrival back to the house.

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  1. YASSSS @ these Pinkprint songs you playing and her references, but Chanel bitch ass doesnt deserve to use Nicki references lmao .. Autumn needs to hop off Angie's tip like damn, why are you so pressed girl? smh, get over it! I hope Angie beats her ass again., im glad Chanel & Jennifer were able to understand that Angie werent trynna be malicious.. and omg its about time Jaz pop off 💀 but im glad they're gonna patch it up because I fw both Jaz & Carsyn and dont want them beefin #TeamSabrina #TeamCarsyn #TeamJaz #TeamAngie

  2. iv been bing watching this season and i am seriously blown away. your editing has improved so much and this season's story line is amazing. love this so much

  3. Yhu fuckin SLAYY me so much with the whole PINKPRINT ALBUM As some of the music background! It is so LIT! I'm half way done with this season. I'm glad that you took your time to finish this BGC4 season and secretly released for all of us to see! Because I had a feeling that you weren't going anywhere. We all have school and I'm glad you managed to finished this season BOBBY! I love you so much and I been supporting you Ever since BGC1 that you started! 💖😘😍✨💯🌸🌟👑💟🙌🏾🔐-SlimClérmont👑

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