Bad Girls Club Portia and Natalie fight Part 2

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Natalie Nunn (Of The Bad Girls Club) exclaims out loud that Portia Beaman doesn’t know who her child’s father is and calling Portia a “bad mother” while questioning portia’s character as a mother. This upsets portia who then physically engulfs in an altercation with Natalie before being removed from the show

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  1. natalie cant fight …shit bitch if you could fight you could of beat her ass no matter how she came at chu…like rocky from season 10 …she got attack but stilll she beat that ass …yuh aint shiiit natalie nun yuh a weak ass bitch ass snucky HOE! go suck on a dick

  2. That wasnt a fair fight she hit her while she was sitting down and natalie had heels on i bet if they wouldve squared up and natalie would took her heels off she wouldve won

  3. Natalie was hilarious but she crossed the line when she started running her mouth about Portia's daughter. That was a low blow and completely unnecessary. When I'm fighting with someone, they can do/say whatever to me but bring my family (especially my child(dren)) into it and heads will fucking roll.

  4. umm. no. if you're about talking about somebodys child and you know that they're close around. be prepared to get your ass beat(depending on who the person is). YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT SOMEBODYS CHILD. i don't care if they don't say it to your face. natalie was talking about her child and portia handled it. point blank.

  5. i agree. even though natalie was talking about portia's daughter and other shit about her, she didn't say to her face. now, if natalie said directly to portia's face, then it would be the apporpiate time for portia to defend herself.

  6. in the bad girls house tht is one thing u don't do talk about another females daughter if I was Portia I would have beat Natalie until I seen blood I don't care if the bodygards grabed hold of me she would have be getting it and if I was the producers I would have told her where Natalie was and let Portia stay

  7. in case you need a reminder of the most delusional stans (not fans) here they are
    1. Natalie
    2. PAB stans season 9
    3. Valentina,Alicia and Jenn
    4. Shannon (i don't really care for her)
    5. Char
    6. Gia and Camilla(altough i like Camilla)
    7. Lea,Erica, and Ashley (season 5)
    8. The Twins
    9. Erica (season 8)
    10. Fab Fake (season 3)

  8. you guys don't know this but this episode was way edited. on the reunion special Portia told everyone that Natalie called her daughter a "dumb bitch" and that's the reason why she went after Natalie. it wasn't just because Natalie called her a "bad mom", Natalie said a lot of stuff about her daughter too. the producers editing shit making it seem like Portia made a big deal out of it.

  9. Can people please just STFU about Natalie's chin. It's old and worn out. I really don't see anything wrong with her chin, because she didn't choose how her chin would end up.

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