Banshee 1×04 FIGHT Lucas Hood vs Kai Proctor

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  1. Everyone seems to be an expert fighting machine like Bruce Lee or something . And every crisis is solved by people hitting each other. This is just stupid. Nothing realistic about any of it.

  2. this is a really fucked up writing for this scene. Hood has been in many scraps with some really fucking good fighters and 9 out of 10 times he wins, then he gets beat up by this idiot, poor writing. what does this tell the audience?

  3. I love Wing Chun and JKD 😀

    It's what I switched to after a back injury forced me out of boxing and I started getting into training for self-defense, it's a very favorable martial art if you presume A) your opponent is stronger, faster, maybe younger and B) helping to build up speed, discipline and learning how to intercept strikes and overwhelm your opponent very quickly with just hand speed and finally C) if you can't afford to take the damage of going to the ground and/or are facing someone with superior grapple skills or who is too strong to risk grappling with. 

    add in some stuff from boxing, muay thai, krav maga, pencak silat, keysi, kali, aikido, judo, etc. (whatever works best for YOU) but I think Wing Chun(g… :P) and basic boxing and JKD are great "staple-training" for holding together whatever mixed style you use for self-defense. I actually thing WC and JKD would be really good for UFC fighters that are primarily grapplers and need a better stand-up game, as much as it would benefit primarily strikers like, say, Chuck Liddell or Cung Lee. 

  4. Perhaps Hood uses Jailhouse Rock? That's a US prison-developed fighting style, and considering he spent 15 years in a brutal prison, he would have picked a lot of it. Or he could be using Rough and Tumble as evidenced by his fight with Sanchez.

  5. first off 4 the ppl who are saying that the fighting style Hood is using is MMA, Ya'l are wrong Hood uses the military fighting system called Krav Maga and this fight was clearly a draw

  6. The show employs mixed martial arts — coming from the Philippines, we’re interested where you got to learn your Filipino fighting skills.

    "Oh, you’re calling from the Philippines? Oh, you should know, I love Kali so much! I was learning how to do Kali (for the show), I was doing Jeet Kune Do, which is Bruce Lee’s method, and other styles. That was helping me to train how to move, because I’m a little clumsy in real life, so I had to learn to be a little more graceful." Ivana Milicevic

  7. lol this is one crazy show. I have only seen a few clips of if so far and it just seems every episode involves a fight between two of the characters. It's like true blood meets fight club meets prison break or something.

  8. Firstly… Its not real its a TV show. Secondly if it WERE I presume he learnt to fight before he went to jail as he was using Kali moves when attacked by the Albino. The triangles, chokes and arm bars are jiu jitsu. Kai uses JKD or possibly Wing Chun.

    KEYSI was used in but not developed for Bat Man. It was developed by Spanish Gypsies. Kali is even older than that. It was developed by Filipinos to fight off conquistadors during Spains occupation of the Philippines.

  9. On what grounds did Procter win?? Was he the last man standing? Did he knock Lucas Hood unconscious? Did he make Hood quit & say he had enough? Maybe it was that sucker punch to start this brawl? Or maybe it was that all he punches were only bouncing of Hood & had a devastating impact upon him? No I got it, it was when he pulled out the liquor & could barely move, & said "I have had enough" yeah sounds like a definite Procter win, & what Hood was using is Krav-Maga 100% on that.

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