Bear Down Chicago Bears (fight song) lyrics.

Bear Down Chicago Bears (fight song) lyrics.

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Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Chicago Bears fight song, Bear Down Chicago Bears. Lyrics on screen over footage I took of Chicago. Bear Down!

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  1. So, my science teacher is a giant bears fan and if u want extra credit to get ur grades up u have to memorize this so I'm just watching this over and over again lol

  2. I still remember 1/12/1986 being in Soldier Field NFC Championship game and the snow starting to fall as Marshall returned a fumble for what basically clinched the game and people starting spontaneously singing this many tears streaming down their faces.  It's time do to do it again.  Lots of young talent and I like Trubisky the rebuilding has begun – but some growing pains still we're on our way.  I predict playoffs 2018 season super bowl competitive 2019.

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