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  1. Lolz that lil white girl grabbed that chair i was rolling. If that teacher wasnt there that would have been a bloody sight. Lolz i was rolling she bopped that bitch in the head. She messed with that white girl one too many times . lolz i laughed so gard

  2. You are all basterds
    How can you explane what happened in 7:41
    There was no one helping her and she was weak and scared and hopeless
    How does it feel like if that girl was a mother of one of you or a sister or a wife
    Is that what Jesus had taught
    You are all heartless and freaks

  3. First fight: Did anyone care to make sure the baby was okay after her "great example of a mother" carelessly dropped her to the ground–all so she could prove her fighting skills? Or was the fight more important to the onlookers?

  4. 7: 04, I can't believe those people, 2 bullys beating up a poor woman, those people on the bus are disgraceful, they have no balls, they should have stopped it but they were like a bitch behind those phones, the poor girl didn't even fight back, for fuck sake is there no one decent left, I wouldn't ever put my hands on a woman but in this case I'd smash there faces in so much there own mothers wouldn't be able to recognise them.

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