BGC 9: All Fights In Order [Unedited] (HD)

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BEST. SEASON.OF. All. TIME. So many fights and all of them were crazy.
It takes super long to do seasons like these in this style, so do me a favor and like/comment/subscribe.

Bad Girls Club – Mexico All fights

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  1. that girl with the name s or z. the lesbian one was a waste of fucking time. she was irrelevant throughout the entire show. they should've given that space to someone else.

  2. Rima:pulls hair
    Julie:pulls hair
    Falen:weak ass slaps
    Ashley:kicks and pushes
    Christina and Meghan and Erica and Andrea throw punches: Christina and Andrea and sometimes Meghan were my favs. โค๏ธ

  3. julie vs Christina round 1
    meghan vs rima round 1
    meghan vs rima round 2
    christina vs julie round 2
    christina vs julie round 3
    christina vs julie round 4
    rima vs julie
    rima vs erika
    christina vs ashley
    rima vs christina round 1
    rima vs christina round 2
    meghan vs rima round 3
    meghan vs the house
    ashley vs andrea
    ashley vs andrea round 2
    andrea vs the house
    christina vs falen
    meghan vs ashley

  4. when they jumped andrea they didnt do any damage. and if you look at the fight andrea is winning bc they are hitting her body and that doesnt really count as a hit

  5. lmao. Blondie weak ASF. She knew Andrea was the smallest after Christina, Erika and Mehgan go home so she gets all tough and tries to fight. She can't fight to save her life, loved how she was all "I don't wanna fight right now" when Mehgan tried her. Weak bitch. Same for Julie and her company of wack hoes.

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