BGC12 – Alex vs Jonica & Loren ( SEASON FINALE )

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Not really a fight .. but I feel like Alex should of defended herself at this point but she held back…. .-.
Couldn’t upload the whole thing because of copyright.

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  1. Why blu finger still attached to her fuckin hand is what was on my mind when I first saw this 😅😅 but I knew slim was weak af, and she was a waste of a cast member smh

  2. of course the fake bitches are picking on her cause they know she can't fight and trying to act so tough on cameras smh bitch go fight someone that knows how to fight bitch you just a picky fighter Loren you just pick on her cause you can't find anything else to do besides. bickering

  3. I would've said fuck it and titties would've been flying, I don't give no fucks. I would've beat blu ass. Fuck a blu, Everybody would've been calling her turquoise after I got done with her

  4. I would have bust jonica in her nappy ass head bitch dont get bad with Alex . her ass aint fight nobody all season neither ole humping ass don't want to try nobody else but want to try somebody that dont fight

  5. Loren's pussy must've really stunk for her to get mad like that, she obiviously felt embarrassed that slim noticed her smell so she had to yell at her. If someone said that about me and I know it was true — I would just wash my pussy better and move on. It's not that serious to yell at someone for speaking the truth. Suck it up lol

  6. Looking back on the season, this argument was pointless . Blu literally wanted to act out just because Lo was there and get some damn camera time, but JADA did the same thing by waiting for her enemies to lash out on Slim but never lash out on Slim without Blu and Lo. That right there is fake.

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