BGC13 Reunion – Sarah Vs. Rocky (Full Fight)

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  1. all dem hoes do is pull hair rocky can not fuckin fight she just hit hard and that's  only on her first swing sarah know how to fight she just dnt never tie her hair up she dumb af for that shit but she sexyyyyy af to me

  2. Sarah yall take chance to swing at rocky because you know rocky is gonna protect her titties and not swing back at ya but when rocky is not wearing that dress yall gonna get your ass beat up

  3. I don't understand Sarah she stay talking that rah rah stuff but can't fight!! Like girl you might have been able to handle yourself with Gigi ( even though she's all of 5 feet tall ) but you knew if rocky put them paws to Alicia big ass and won you KNOW Aylin can't stand toe to toe with her go sit down PLEASE too old for that

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