BGC15 ghost twins vs the house

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  1. They set them up it's like why would u make them come into a house with there hands behind their backs handcuffed and it just so happen the other girls are waiting to attack them no replacements ever in BGC walk in a house with handcuffs like wtf was that about

  2. What did they expect they violated them by ambushing them with flour & whatever else they were throwing on them my first instinct would've been to hit them too I hated them on this season especially kristina & her sister & Diamond 😒🙄🙄

  3. Wasn't it supposed to be a fun prank that went wrong quick because the twins were on defense due to the girls coming on too strong? I'm not gonna completely bash the girls because I think their intentions were good, things just went totally left and it was handled wrong imo.

    Kristina did way to fucking much though.

  4. Angela actually has a YouTube page, I tried to watch her Video entitled, "My BGC Experience", but honestly she is still the same. So many people were in the comments kissing her ass, saying, "You and your sister beat Jaimee and Jazz up, or y'all won against the Wallace sisters.." hell naw. I couldn't stand Angela or Kristina.

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