BGC17 KIYANNA & BRIANA talks Seven, Deshayla, Keyaira Beef, Fights in the House, and Bad Girls Club

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BGC17 KIYANNA & BRIANA talks Seven, Deshayla, Keyaira Beef, Fights in the House, and Bad Girls Club

Bad Girls Club Kiyanna and Briana go in on their season with laughter and real vibes. This interview sheds a light on the craziest group of girls in this new season of BGC17. Leave comments below and follow these girls as well.

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  1. seven was the most boring in the house but she got the most camera time and did the most talking in the confessionals. thats how i knew this show fake af now. we only know the edits, we dnt know what really happened. but yall in the comments swear yall know.

  2. I'm glad Bri strips on Vegas now because I went to a strip club in Tampa and these girls would pole dance and put on a good show and barely get tipped. We through all our money, but some guys were just enjoying the view. I don't know if its always like that because I was just on Vaca.

  3. I love Kiki's answer to Remy Ma or Nicki Minaj because I feel the exact way. I about died laughing at Bri's answer to the rich and sick or poor and healthy. Our Husbands? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Bri is deff my fave from this seasons and one of my top faves from all the seasons. Idk why Seven is a fave for some people, y'all dickriding cause she's pretty, but her behavior was whack the whole time.

  5. My only problem with Kiki is that she literally begged for drama to come in the house and the first time it did and become to much for her she started crying and shit 😭 And she loves to play the victim.

  6. Kiki is a wack ass bitch who be hopping on bitches and still get her ass beat… Like someone stay throwing your big ass… Bri is that bitch tho.. Key had it coming~

  7. Brianna you need to stop talking about 7 to 7 day and do nothing to you you ugly before you was a stripper you was a cheerleader Cable tech that right with your ugly self

  8. i think bgc is staged how bri fought fran whitch apparently is kiki's best fran and bri fought fran and kiki she fought kiki like 3 times and was always had beef with kiki many times

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