BGC6: Ashley Vs Kori (HD)

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BGC6 Kori vs Ashley full fight.

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  1. When this fight first aired everyone thought Ashley was gonna win because she was BLACK. Shit even my young immature self felt the same way, I remember using the same excuses and everything. But growing up I can see now that theres a LOT of black bgc fans that just cant accept when a white girl beats a black girls ass on BGC.

  2. Ashley really did stick kori twice and Jessica started holding Ashley head down so yeah I do think if Jessica didn’t help it would of been a tie and then to add to that when Ashley went to pull kori to the ground Jessica pulled Ashley to the ground first

  3. This fight was awkward looking, kind of like Rima vs Mehgan round 1 lmao. They both got good hits in, but I gotta give this one to Kori. (To this day I'm still wondering who taught Kori to fight, remember she beat Sydney up to lmao.)

  4. No they did not leave the same damage. Koris black eye was small as shit. Ashleys eye was literally a BALL, her whole fucking upper cheek and eye was puffed up and swollen.

  5. People need to stop with the excuses omg. Ashley had her chance for redemption and never did shit. Ashley has accepted her ass whooping and yall STILL cant, YEARS later.

  6. Idc at the end of the day I feel like Ashley got jumped. Jessica clearly helped Kori. If she didn't I think Ashley would've won or at least did better. I hate that no one called Jessica out on that bs.

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