BGC7 New Orleans-Judi vs. Priscilla (FULL FIGHT)

BGC7 New Orleans-Judi vs. Priscilla (FULL FIGHT)

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Judi, I love you alot, but you got fucked up lol.

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  1. Speak normal please , and you idiot Judi had a damn plan do you not understand shit. She wanted Priscilla to leave so she let her get her ass beat . But , Priscilla cant fight she only hit Judi cause she knew Judi could not fight.

  2. Priscilla didn't fuck up judi, it was the chair. If you look closely, priscilla pusher her head towards the chair and judi hit her self with the edge of the chair, which caused her lip to bleed.

  3. judi cant fight so i dont know why she over here messing with priscilla cause she know she is gonna her stupid ass beat she devered that shit i would have done the same thing i would give priscilla a hight 5
    judi u got fuck up bitch

  4. that makes no sence at all.. You mean, you would do nothing if someone would throw cereal on you while you're asleep? Priscilla beat the shit out of her because she had a problem with Judi, not because she knew Judi was weak af

  5. Judi has too much mouth she deserves ever hit and scratch she got. Stasi need to mind her business. I agree when she preventing people from jumping in, but she never really allows Judi to fight her own battles.

  6. Duh if she didn't fight back Priscilla would be stopped by security and everything would have calmed down and Priscilla would not have gone home. If Priscilla fucks Judi up then she goes home. And of course Judi's gonna cry she's in pain dumb ass. If you got kicked, punched, scratched and thrown all over the place you'd be in some serious pain too.

  7. Someone insulting you and someone getting in your face, insulting you and hitting you on multiple occasions is completely different. All Priscilla could do was run her mouth and beat up drunk girls who can't fight in the first place.

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