Check Out The New Video From A Texas King Slim Thug “King” (Video)

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slim thug king

Slim Thug – “King”

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“Loved By Few and Hated By Many…” As I see it, It’s really a running tally of those who want to see you win versus those who would rather see you living average. Know this. They think small and as a result they make small moves, then when you conceptualize, execute, and shine as doth the sun it causes them to envy you. When they envy you the end result can only be an attempt on your life and if they don’t do it physically – best believe they are trying to assassinate your character. I am always going to win versus you, I am designed to think several moves ahead. I am a KING. You on notice. Royal Seal Ent

Enjoy the new video from Slim Thug “King” we give it the Royal Seal

Royal Seal Ent Thanks World Star HipHop

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