COPS Toughest Takedowns North Las Vegas Police Department

COPS Toughest Takedowns North Las Vegas Police Department

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Officer Matt Fey of the North Las Vegas Police Department conducts a routine traffic stop on a vehicle that ran a stop sign. Officer Fey becomes suspicious of the occupants due to their nervous behavior during questioning. When the defiant driver repeatedly ignores an order to keep his hands on the steering wheel, Officer Fey is forced to spray him with mace. Surprisingly, the desperate driver escapes the officer’s grasp and takes off in the vehicle. The suspects lead several units into a desert area where the driver bails out of the vehicle. He’s eventually captured in some nearby brush by a swarm of officers. When asked why he ran, the driver says that he was recently released from prison and did not have a license. He’s charged with felony evading, resisting arrest and possible drug possession. The passenger admits to steering the vehicle for the blind driver for fear of his life. He’s charged with obstructing and evading.

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  1. This is what the blm movement doesn't get…if you say ok but keep physically resisting im not gonna give you the chance to drag me or pull a gun…im dragging you out the car and beating you senseless…scream brutality all you want but im not risking my life when you ignore three straight warnings

  2. All you guys saying โ€œit was just a rolling stop wut da fukโ€, I have friends who are cops. Thatโ€™s how they generally find most offenders. They get them on something small and sniff out the bigger stuff. If they would have cooperated they would have been fine.

  3. Jesus man! Okay okay ๐Ÿ˜“. Fucking idiot the cop has a gun to your head and you just keep reaching! And pull away? If it was now and no camera crew, nigga would have caught some lead

  4. Why do they have to take you're freedom away….keep you're hand where I can see it this is supposed to be the land of the free so he has the right to move his own body the problem with cops is they just yell and assume you're gonna do something and all he might have been trying to do is turn his car off and step if it were me I would've been nice to him and said you can move if you want to just dont pull out No weapons I wouldn't pepper spray til the very last moment not just pepper spray because I assume he's gonna try something there wasn't no weapons in the car so its obvious he wasn't gonna do nothing thats how I would've handled it.

  5. I've seen this video several times, it never ceases to make me incredibly nervous for that police officer. That guy was not obeying orders and kept reaching in places where guns could have been stashed. Incredibly impressed by the restraint the police officer showed.

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