Crazy Fights & Knockouts Comp #16 CORRUPT COP VS THUG! – APRIL – WSHH 2017

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  1. Thats not corrupt that's a man not taking shit from a scrawnier man with napoleon complex i´m sure there was more to the story than the cop ¨beating up a man¨

  2. Cops need to stay out of the hoods and let the people filming on the Obama phones kill themselves. Saves tax payers money in the long run and safer for the cops to let the families bury them where another possible drive by may happen at the cemetery.

  3. The piece of shit that filmed this needs to be arrested for lynching. Shouting slam him and world star then standing around like a dumass. He's just as guilty as the person that was the bully. I hate a mf bully and stupid mf that stand around and laugh at others getting hurt. Telling someone to call 911 while you try to make a dollar on someone getting beat up. Scared ass hollered world star then backed down. I hope you get run the f over in Vegas and the dude with the guitar gets it on video…..when he wakes up of course.

  4. what is wrong with americans !!!! why do you have to kick kicking fuck out of someone on the floor are you seriously that retarded you cant understand when i a fight is over…. i dont understand you retarded fucks… non of you know how to fight non of you know hoow to respect another persons like and all of you are fucking retarded… I LOVE WATCHING THE VIDEO OF THE AMERICAN GOING TO LONDON ENGLAND AND GETTING BEATEN AND BOTTLED TO SHIT, YOU FUCKING CUNTS DESERVE IT I SWEAR, YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO FIGHT WHEN NOT TO FIGHT AND WHEN TO STOP FIGHTING FUCKING IDIOTS

  5. "Don't talk to me like that, dude"
    Bitch, free speech. You're a cop, you should know what that is

    "I'm not involved"
    Then why are you over there? If you're not involved then you should've stayed in the car instead of trying to make a video.

  6. I give the supposed corrupt cop props… He got down with dude, didn't taze, shoot, or arrest the guy, like the rest of them faggot ass cops… I rather catch a fade than get shot… how bout u????….

  7. Oh Man! I never hit a Woman in my life but as I'm getting older and almost %0 (I'm 48 yrs old) I see how today's Feminazi Cunts are acting out! They're believing that, it's their God given Right to hit and physically Assault any Man they feel like assaulting! And they're also believe that Man have NO RIGHT to hit back. Ladies back in the 80s and 90s when was a teenager and a young twenty-some, DID NOT act out like this!!! Yes of course there were those whom did, but I'm talking about the vast majority that didn't! So if next time a biyatch take a swing at me I'll swing back! In the past 30 yrs i got hit by Women less then 10 times and it was all by Girlfriend and by my first Wife. But in the past 2-3 yrs I got hit or was attempted to be hit by Women at least 15 times!!! It's just ridiculous, how today's young Women acting out! We were talking in a Restaurant in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, talking about Politics, and I was telling my Buddy "Rich", how finally time that the US elected a President like Donald John Trump, who have the, Cojones (BALLS|),to say shit and not worrying about Political Correctness, and tells the truth about Radical Islamists, White Hating Racist Blacks, just the same way as he will about White Racists and Nazis!!! (of Course the fake media like CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, BBC, CBC, CTV, Global, etc) will Call POTUS D J TRUMP Ridiculous names like "He's like Hitler" WTF? are these fake media idiots are serious? I mean Hitler caused the deaths of 62-64 million Human being about 3.5% of the Population of Earth in the 1940s (2.2-2,3 Billion the pop. of Earth in the 1940 World Census). Hitler also caused the extermination, Genocide of 3-6 million Jews and Cigans! The funny thing is that the hard core supporters of Hitler and the "Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei" (National Socialist German Worker's Party) also know as the Nazi Party, so anyway their supporters acted EXACTLY THE SAME WAY, as today's Anti-Trump and Anti-American Racist, Violent Groups like "Antifa","Black-Block" or the Domestic Terrorist "Black LIES Matter" Groups acting out in 2016-17 in the United States of America and also in Canada! I'mean in Nazi Germany and later in the Third Reich Antifascists were the most Peaceful political Organization, and they were the one whom got violently Protested against and brutally assaulted by Nazi Brown Shirt Thugs.The same way Antifa brutally Assault and Violently Protestm any group that have a different way of thinking then Antifa and Their Communist, Jihadist Terrorist, Socialist and Democratic Party member, Supporters and Allies!!! They are the REAL FASCISTS AND NAZIS, and the above mentioned Broadcasters are today's NAZI SUPPORTING MEDIA!!!

  8. In #3 the cop was not corrupt first of all if u see the original video the guy asked for it and if he was so corrupt why fight him then not arrest him no he let the man go because the man lost the fight he picked so until you see the whole video u can't call him corrupt

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