Crazy Freestyle Rap Battle Goes DOWN at Cal State Los Angeles

This is the best Freestyle Rap battle of 2016 held at the Cal State LA campus basketball gym. CSULA ‘s very own KEV vs. STIXCKS. This is very intense battle with two back to back rounds & It does go down at CSULA. The new Meek Mill vs Drake. I plan to host a huge rap battle tournament soon. It will be Like 15 rap artist who I know all battling for a chance to win a $200 GRAND Prize. I’m going to let you guys be one of the judges and ya’ll will have an effect on choosing the winners. — When the Battle is over VOTE and tell me who you think won the Rap Battle (diss track)

– Want to See Me Rap? Watch this 2yr old video where i spit some bars freestyle in the car:

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– The Full battle with no mistakes may not be uploaded yet, but it will be here on the bro Youtube channel:

– First day of College Back to School Party at CSUN:
– Glozell Breaks leg + CSUN BMI Pool Party:’


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Written by DJ Whiz


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  1. yo that was alright but I like a rap wit a beat to give each rapper there own flow without the beat made the video a little boring and they had some good lines but most of it wasn't creative enough like all they talked about in their raps was like too much like are they gonna really rap or fight each other so if you can do me a favor come to skyview park Toms River NJ for a good rap battle I would be happy to participate in it and if we could get a good amount of people to come cause i'm trying to become famous so we should turn it into a music video with girls and alot of cool stuff for a rap k get back to me on ig it's @dareal_number1stunna

  2. Can you please make a video on how to run the 400m outdoor with exact details on when to sprint and when to pace yourself please. Its gonna help me since spring track is starting

  3. A bit off the topic of the video but will you ever make a video about the types of foods you are eating on your journey to buffness? Also keep on putting that work in! I'm really enjoying the content on your YT channel, good looks my mans, everything is just so refreshing and motivational.

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