Death by Officer: An American Epidemic of Police Shootings and Brutality

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Law enforcement officers kill an increasing number of U.S. civilians annually. Please help bring the attention of the Supreme Court of the United States to this critical issue.

Keep track of US citizens killed by police here:

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  1. У нас в России люди жалуются на то, что их на митингах задерживают, слюной брызгают, а тут такое… Инвалида жалко очень стало 🙁

  2. The critical issue is the criminality and not respect for the law. Most of this deaths are criminals in confrontation with the law. Why nobody of the hate COP talk about the many Law officers that die protecting society?.

  3. Lmao you can totally tell some butt hurt BLM liberal made this, totally skewing all the info. would love to see how you cowards behind a keyboard would handle being in the cops shoes. also comparing the lunatics and thugs in this video to soldiers, is despicable.

  4. Well…i have been living in Murika for over a decade now due to some unfortunate circumstances and should say yea, there is some serious problem with morals, values and just simply staying human these days. Its all kind a twisted here, and you definitely feel some psychotic propensities in the society. Can I call this country sick? Well may be, but only in some exceptional, American way.

  5. you know when you get in trouble when your little and your parents tell you to put it something down what the fuck do you do you drop it, so if you have fucking knifes in your hand and your not putting them down and what three officers tell you to put it down and you don't your gonna get shot and no you can't just shoot them in leg wtf? police use body mass if they have to

  6. it seems like the news is advertising this murdering police force as the new thing that we just have to live with, they act like it's totally ok. fair and balanced? yeah fucking right.

  7. Welp Duenez i feel bad for you… you shoulda stay still or the police shoulda shoot him in the leg or arm wtf spam that fucking bullets on him would cause death and he screamed ahhh you are still shooting

  8. this is fcking simple everybody want to show "hey i am tough i dont obey to you' guess what you end up dead this is simple folks i was charge double murder and attempted murder and multiple frustrated murder when cop caught me i just laydown in to the ground and follow. now i am free and changing my way of life.

  9. So they shoot miss then use a taser wtf is going through there heads? They kill because they want the man card stamped, most police are military drop outs playing at being hard, they kill through a power trip and every body that hits the dirt kills a little bit more of the respect people should have for law enforcement. It's horrific, you don't see behavior like this on the battle field, cowards the lot of them

  10. ok guys I want you all to relax and put yourself in the cops position like when the guy was getting out of the truck and turned around lets say he grabbed a firearm he would have easily shot that officer I don't think cops should be pulling out there firearm as there main choice of weapon but sometimes your put in the position and the cops can't see what's going on behind them or what there reaching for

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