DeMarcus Cousins Wants To Fight Kevin Durant,Both Ejected In New Orleans

DeMarcus Cousins Wants To Fight Kevin Durant,Both Ejected In New Orleans

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  1. Pussy Ring is not going to fight Cousins, he knows he can't win the fight so he decided to join Cousins in the shower, that's what you saw here: as his teammates are restraining him he's like let me go, I'm going to the shower.

  2. Yes cousins is a big dude, but it's hilarious when I watch any video of him having an altercation and everyone sucking him off. None of you have actually seen this dude fight, just because he likes to talk a lot of shit in games doesn't mean he's tough. Everyone can run their fucking mouth. And I'm not a KD fan at all.

  3. lmao at the comments. this is basketball this is not MMA. winning is whats important. not whose tougher or more badass. KD and the warriors are winning while cousins and every tream he goes to keep on losing

  4. I don't understand the mindset of these guys. How do you go from being teammates on an Olympic team, winning gold together, having fun on the plane together, and playfully making fun of each other, to this? What makes you want to fight someone you've shared that many memories with? I just don't get it. Trash-talk is one thing, physically fighting is another. To want to physically fight someone is to hate them, to hate them to the point you want to damage them. Sometimes close-friends fight each other because of reasons driven by passion and other-intense feelings, often regarding things such as love or loss. Trash-talking shouldn't be seen as that, especially when it's by a former teammate you won gold with. Unless you're either mentally weak or just a violent individual. The only other reason why people would want to fight is for profit, but that's clearly not the case here. A fight in this situation would result in financial loss.
    I don't know. I'm not an athlete, I'll give them the benefit of doubt. Who knows what's going on inside their heads?

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