EVERETTSVILLE – Ultimate General: Civil War – CSA Campaign #27

EVERETTSVILLE - Ultimate General: Civil War - CSA Campaign #27

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This is what I like to call a “trap” battle. It’s a small fight, and i have twice as many men as the federals, but it still won’t be easy. The attack is uphill, in the woods, against a strong enemy position. Thankfully I manage to escape with a loss of just 4000 men, and a victory.

Historically a fight occurred near this location, known as the Battle of Goldsboro Bridge, on December 20, 1862.

Here’s a link to a bit of info on the battle –

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  1. I was told by other gamers that it is better to use Howitzers in the woods. I haven't tried it yet. I am three battles behind you. Appreciate you doing this. The Civil War has always been my favorite study and your conservative but consistent approach is similar to how most battles were fought. It truly was a national tragedy that it even happened but there is no going back when the die is cast. So many lives lost on both sides and horrible injuries that are almost indescribable. Darth has come up with another winner!

  2. Hi! Still loving this playthrough! I have to agree this is one of the best games I've ever played Darth does an awesome job of building this feeling of suspense during the battles, it's incredible .
    I can see why these vids are so popular for you, they're great, thanks for not playing on easy! My advice for Stones River…instead of rolling up the flank from south to north, back into their defensive positions; ignore the southernmost objective, cut the US army in half, form defensive line in the trees running across the battlefield and destroy all the units in the south completely before they can get into those fortifications.

  3. With Evertsville i have found the best option for me was to pile drive the union left, actually created 2 2,500 men new brigades purely to charge the breastworks (i even named then Fodder and Fodder 2 🙂 ) on the union far left. If you do it early it is only guarded by one union brigade, a skirmisher unit and some arty. Send about 3 infantry and some cav along the south and sit them just on the edge of the wood with the road on their left so any union Brigades crossing get a volley to the face. As the battle goes on you can take that whole wooded area just to the right of the victory point. Once your infantry and arty are set up you can clear the union away from the other side of the road and take the victory point.

    by pile drive My infantry assault was 8 Brigades, 3 Brigades long and 2 2/3 lines deep.

    Comparative loses 2101 infantry, 32 (1 gun) arty and 719 cavalry to the unions 8423 infantry 1045 arty (40 guns) and 885 cavalry

  4. Maybe a good idea for Murfreesboro would be to hold back after the first part (Driving into the Union flank, and that wooded hill), minimizing casualties by not attacking those breastworks before launching an all out attack during that second day. I personally would not press the attack on the second day either if resistance was too strong or If i didn't feel I had enough men to press the attack and settle for a draw than suffering a Pyrrhic Victory and losing 40% + of my army, especially with battles like Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and Chickamauga happening soon.

    I also think Cavalry would be very useful in this battle because of the open terrain, and would be good at diverting Union attention away from your main force.

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