Fatal high school fight: teen cleared in single punch death, school bully killed – compilation

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1. The Iowa teen who delivered a blow that took the life of a classmate was cleared of criminal charges on Wednesday after newly released surveillance footage demonstrated he was acting in self-defence.

2. An altercation between two 14-year-old teens from Joseph Wade Middle School in Morris Heights, New York, led to a fatal incident where Noel Estevez was accused of stabbing fellow student and alleged bully Timothy Crump to death.

3. Mark Black, a Santa Monica high school teacher, got physical with a student who pulled out a bag of weed in class.

4. A middle-aged Ohio kindergarten teacher has been suspended after she was caught on camera bullying and terrorizing one of her 6-year-old students

5. A 14-year-old Chinese boy was nearly beaten to death in Beijing by four boys, all of whom were older and bigger than him.

6. An University freshman was stipped naked then beaten by another group of women who’d gone camping with. The nude photos of the victim were posted to social media.

7. The town and public schools of Greenwich, Connecticut are being sued by the family of Bart Palosz, a student who killed himself in 2013, they say, after school officials failed to follow their own anti bullying policy.

8. A 14-year-old British high school girl has been arrested after she was seen assaulting a boy in a viral Facebook video.

9. A secondary school student is seen leaning against the wall to be bullied by another teen wearing glasses outside a school restroom. The entire act was videotaped and posed online.

10. A Pennsylvania man is in county prison after not only goading and coaching his son as the 12-year-old beat up a schoolmate, but going as far as to attack a female teacher who tried to put a stop to the fight that his kid was winning

11. A 13-year-old girl fatally shot herself last week, and the girl’s parents are pushing back against the school’s claims that the girl was not racially bullied for being Asian.

12. Terri-Mae Lunt was bombarded with threatening text messages from two girls who said they wanted to fight her. After school on May 11, the two girls beat up Terri-Mae and attracted a group of callous classmates who merely stood and cheered while filming the horrific fight.

13. A 16-year-old girl has received thousands of death threats after a video of her attacking and robbing two other teenagers in Birmingham, UK, was posted online.

14. Kobe Nelson, a student at Rancho Cucamonga’s Etiwanda High School, sustained a prolonged bout of verbal and physical abuse at the hands of another student. When Kobe reported the incident to the office, not only was he suspended, he was verbally abused by the school police officer.

15. Mark Betterson, a student at East Lee County High School in Lehigh Acres, Florida was suspended after standing up for fellow student, Jonathan Colon, who was bullied for being gay.

16. Casey Heynes punched and body slammed an older boy twice his size. Sources say the 16-year-old had been repeatedly mocked in school, leading him to eventually snap. Both students were suspended after the fight.


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  1. I got bullied by teachers at school when I was 6 and 7 years old. She grabbed me by my arms, and sunk her finger nails into my arms until I was bleeding. That was back in 1976 . I went on a field trip and went to a place where George Washington slept, there was a bed in the room with a red velvet rope went across the room , and you could not go past that rope. All the children had their hand resting on this rope , and everyone went to leave, and the rope fell down, and I went to pick it up, and the teacher went nutty on me, and that wasn't the first time this teacher did this to me, it was many times. I knew she just didn't like me. I had a bad life, "like many," and it does make a very hateful angry person.

  2. I would encourage my kid to beat the living shit out of any bully.. and maybe stop when they start seizing. My dad always encouraged fighting back hard and I never got bullied even though I was always small. I'd say it works. That 34 year old father did the right thing.

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