Fight cancels class at Youngstown East High School

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Dozens of officers went to the school, and six people were taken into custody.

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  1. What a stupid black cunt and what a stupid school.

    1 Getting beat up generally does not kill you you don't have to fear for your life or even your safety as long as you can blend in.

    2 Needing a swat team for this?

  2. This is a typical black high school in America. Would you expect this to happen in an Asian majority or a White majority high school. Of course not. And its not because of poverty. Blacks have an average IQ of 85 in America, 15 points behind whites and 20 points behind Asians. The IQ average is even lower in countries in Africa. Some IQ averages are as low as 70 which is borderline mentally retarded. Ever wondered why African nations can never get ahead, even with aid. Meanwhile European and Asian nations are usually prosperous with good cultures that promote intelligence and morals.

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