Forensics team works at location of Skripal’s incident in Salisbury

Forensics team works at location of Skripal's incident in Salisbury

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Forensics teams clad in hamzat suits returned to the Maltings area of Salisbury on Friday, where former Russian double agent Sergei Skirpal and his daughter Yulia were found collapsed on March 4, allegedly after being poisoned with a nerve agent. READ MORE:


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  1. WMD Lies Strike Again: The Skripal Incident
    By Tony Cartalucci
    Global Research, March 16, 2018

    Url of this article:

    As the West rallies around recent allegations by the UK against Russia regarding the alleged poisoning of former Russian military intelligence officer-turned British spy – Sergei Skripal – it is crucial to point out the alarming lack of actual evidence involved.

    It is also important to point out the history of the accusers predicating entire wars on allegations now confirmed to have been intentional lies.

    The Skripal Incident

    The alleged poisoning of Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, UK on March 4 led to a lighting-fast escalation with Russia. Not even two weeks after the attack, UK Prime Minister Theresa May declared a deadline for Russia to provide an “explanation” for the incident the UK had squarely blamed on Moscow.

    The Kremlin’s explanation was simple – it had nothing to do with the attack. Russia also offered to aid in the investigation, requesting samples of the poison used in the alleged attack.

    However, the UK failed to produce any samples of the alleged poison – a Soviet-era nerve agent known as Novichok – either to the Russians to examine or to relevant international organizations as required under the Chemical Weapons Convention.

    The UK also failed to explain why Russia would have carried out such an attack – or how the UK could have confirmed the use of Novichok agents without first possessing samples of the agents themselves. If the UK possessed Novichok agents to compare samples taken from the attack with, the entire rationale of accusing Russia because it is supposedly the only nation in possession of the agents is revealed as entirely false.

    US, UK Certainly Have “Novichoks”

    The Daily Beast in its article, “Soviet Scientist Who Developed Novichok Poison Used on Sergei Skripal: ‘I’m Sorry’,” would admit:

    For the prime minister to be able to publicly accuse the Russians of using a nerve agent like a novichok, British authorities at least must have had access to novichok’s unique chemical signature—which it legally could have had despite the Chemical Weapons Convention, due to the clause of countries being able to hold samples for testing in these incidences.

    Testing for novichoks, even based on a formula published by Mirzayanov in a memoir based on his work in the 1980s, is a potential sign that the British have potential access to newer variants of the nerve agent.

    The Guardian too would admit in an article titled, “Novichok nerve agents – what are they?,” that:

    The fact that so little is known about the novichoks may explain why Porton Down scientists took several days to identify the compound used in the attack against the Skripals. And while the agents were invented in the Soviet Union, other labs with access to the chemical structures would be able to manufacture them too.

    The fact that the alleged creator of Novichok agents – Vil Mirzayanov – fled to and currently lives in the United States suggests the West has both knowledge of and the means to create Novichok agents themselves.

    The UK’s presumption that “only Russia” could have produced the agents when the creator of Novichok lives in the United States – and British labs clearly have access to the poison – is at face value contradictory and dishonest.

    Since the UK has refused to produce any tangible evidence, including producing samples under its obligations to the Chemical Weapons Convention, all that is left for the international community to consider is the source of these accusations.

    Consider the Source: The West Has a Sordid History of WMD Lies

    In the lead up to the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq, the Western media sold the global public tales of “weapons of mass destruction” (WMDs).

    Then US Secretary of State Colin Powell sat before the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) presenting fabricated evidence to the world in an effort to build a case for the upcoming US invasion.

    Powell would claim (emphasis added):

    We know that Saddam Hussein is determined to keep his weapons of mass destruction; he’s determined to make more. Given Saddam Hussein’s history of aggression, given what we know of his grandiose plans, given what we know of his terrorist associations and given his determination to exact revenge on those who oppose him, should we take the risk that he will not some day use these weapons at a time and the place and in the manner of his choosing at a time when the world is in a much weaker position to respond?

    Yet upon the US invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq, none of these supposed weapons of mass destruction were found. Eventually the US and UK incrementally began admitting to fabricating evidence, “sexing up” dossiers, intentionally citing unreliable sources, and misleading their allies and the world.

    Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown would accuse the US of intentionally misleading the UK. In a Guardian article titled, “Gordon Brown says Pentagon misled UK over case for Iraq invasion,” it’s admitted that:

    The US defence department knew that Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction but kept Britain in the dark, according to an explosive new claim from Gordon Brown.

    In an extraordinary allegation, the former prime minister states that a secret US intelligence report into Iraq’s military capabilities was never passed to Britain and could have changed the course of events. The revelation leads Brown to conclude that the “war could not be justified as a last resort and invasion cannot now be seen as a proportionate response”.

    Other reports attempted to claim the US itself was “duped” by unreliable intelligence sources. The UK Independent in an article titled, “Curveball: How US was duped by Iraqi fantasist looking to topple Saddam,” would claim:

    As US secretary of state, Colin Powell gathered his notes in front of the United Nations security council, the man watching — Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, known to the west’s intelligence services as “Curveball” — had more than an inkling of what was to come. He was, after all, Powell’s main source…

    Everything he had said about the inner workings of Saddam Hussein’s biological weapons programme was a flight of fantasy – one that, he now claims was aimed at ousting the Iraqi dictator.

    The Independent – however – stretches credibility by claiming al-Janabi “duped” the US. The same Independent article would admit that al-Janabi was never even in contact with the US directly despite the US basing its entire UNSC presentation on his claims. The lack of due diligence in confirming al-Janabi’s admitted lies doesn’t suggest a concerted attempt on Washington’s part to ascertain the truth, but a cynical and intentional attempt to conceal it.

    The US simply found whatever source it could to bolster otherwise baseless accusations to justify an otherwise unjustifiable war it had already long-ago elected to wage.

    In hindsight, even then US President George Bush admitted there were no weapons of mass destruction. President Bush attempted to blame faulty intelligence, but as the Powell-al-Janabi connection – or rather – disconnection reveals, there was never any intelligence to begin with – simply fabricated lies.

    Who Will Play Powell, Bush, and “Curveball” This Time?

    This brings us back to the Skripal incident. The accusations of the British government already aren’t adding up. Considering the lack of actual evidence the UK has provided and the British government’s verified history of fabricating claims regarding the use of WMDs to advance it and its allies’ geopolitical agendas – the burden of proof never rested upon Russia.

    Just as the US and UK did during the lead up to the Iraq War in 2003, an avalanche of propaganda is being produced to stampede the world into backing whatever long-ago elected course of action the West has decided to take against Russia.

    In the hindsight of whatever course of action the UK and its allies decide to take in the coming days, weeks, and months based on the Skripal incident, who will play the role of “Curveball” who supposedly duped Theresa May in making her Powell-style accusations before declaring her Bush-style retaliation?

    And considering the ramifications for the West regarding its lies in the lead up to Iraq and the fallout the West has faced in the aftermath of Iraq’s destruction, what do Western policymakers expect to gain from an incident many times more transparently staged and self-serving against a world increasingly skeptical of their claims and actions?

    Still, the accusations are serious and the prepared responses from the West will assuredly further endanger global peace and stability. That the alleged attack took place on British soil means that – unlike in Syria – there is no UNSC the West must pass through before taking matters into its own hands.

    This fact alone – following years of frustration in the face of Russia’s veto power upon the UNSC in regards to Syria – makes the nature of the Skripal incident even more suspicious. The UK appears to have a pretext and a clear path toward escalation before it – how far it and its allies are prepared to go remains to be seen.


    Tony Cartalucci is a Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook” where this article was originally published. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

  2. More ridiculous PR from the British Warmonger War Criminal Imbeciles – dont these idiots realize Russia is NOT Iraq, Libya and Syria and can wipe this small island off the map with just one nuclear missile?

  3. What are you all complaining about? Personally I love theater, acting is fun stuff although I can agree these specific actors are not very good, but hey that's crisis acting budgets will get you so live with it and enjoy the show they putting on for us..

  4. This is an absolute joke. You really do have to be a totally witless idiotic moron to believe a single word about this fake news skit. The act is just terrible, the stage, is trash. The story, is totally fake, and not for one minute do I believe a single word of this whacked out batshit crazy lie being pushed on the world. Russia has every right to ask for a sample of the "nerve agent". Which doesn't even exist by the way. What a bunch of witless clowns we have for rulers.

  5. 1:43 that playground must be under video surveillance 24/7 as most of the public places in UK are. Why are they staging the "investigation" pretending to find something in so many dumpster bins?

  6. Really is that their best? collecting samples in trash bags with no special sail. ? Try to use a Ziploc to make it look more real … yes your special costume looks fantastic like video games but even the birds were walking happy next to the contamination areas!!! So why to use a gas mask.? Ccaaamoonnn UK ,, ▪▪▪ really ,,please someone just start ww3..

  7. So they were poisoned at the restaurant but they are swabbing a railling at a park? If its an nerve agent its deadly on contact and as a airsol so why didnt they A die at the restaurant if its 5x stronger than vx? B why arent there more dead or dieing people about from the park and restaurant? C what about the copper and the first aiders first on the seen why arent they dead or dieing? No spy in there right mined would use a trackable poison to kill some one its like leaving a note hi we killed him love the old KGB

  8. Really?!? I see first of using medical gloves than standard issued protective gloves??? Then next you see a personnel putting on a double or even triple glove layer?!? I don't see chemical detection bands on the arms or lower legs?!? They taking samples using swab sampling and cue test sampling but then with contamination of the evidence bags of plain plastic and not the proper hazmat bags and containers – don't see proper labeling of either items used and how will they decontaminate those?
    The fakery is outstanding on this as since the beginning of following of who was wearing proper hazmat equipment and those who had only on gas mask but still their skin was exposed around their ears, hair, and neck while wearing some kind of clothing for protection and of course the medical gloves then having taped off areas of the wrist and ankles? Some were wearing regular footwear and not protective over-boots? Even when military and police personnel shows up at the alleged contamination sites were not wearing protective equipment and allowed civilians to be at designated distance?!?
    Are there any dead animals like birds or squirrels or stray dogs or cats or rodents? NO…
    Even they had a DSLR camera and hope they will decontaminate that too before handling with their bare hands?!?
    Yeah the response investigative team are a mixed bunch of those wearing protective gear and those who are exposed in the same vicinity?!?
    Then you see a female taking a drink from a water bottle at the contamination site?!?
    Could this be any worse for show but they are indeed putting on their best pony show and hope they get a pass?!?

  9. The clowns with garden-grade mask and suits , protecting against pesticides and garden chemicals or fertilizers only ! Who did they want to hoax?Many turmoil for nothing . The failing state of once great Britain, flooded by rapefuges and muslims invaders , now carre so much about some insignificant Russian spies.How pathetic!

  10. Even by the Westminster governments' standards this is a pretty weak attempt to stir up anti-Russian sentiments.World War 2 gas masks and paper overalls,really?,I thought this toxin was one of the most deadly weapons grade nerve agent ever created?.Iwear more protection when I'm bleaching the toilet pan!.

  11. < World news … – bad events/changes . Bad Times Next : -natural disasters, wars, financial breakdowns, sky fires . 《SUPERYESHUA SAVES LIFES》believe . stop bad actions . accept gift of salvation . * – JOHN 3.16 –  ℹ

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