Home Invasion Accusation, Detective Dubois, COPS TV SHOW

Home Invasion Accusation, Detective Dubois, COPS TV SHOW

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Detective Corporal Bryan Dubois – Lubbock Police Department
Detective Dubois spots a vehicle that was just involved in an armed home invasion robbery. He makes a traffic stop and gets the suspect out at gunpoint as several officers arrive as backup. Inside the vehicle, Detective Dubois finds a loaded hand gun which belongs to the suspect. A loaded rifle is found in the back seat matching the description of the weapon stolen in the home invasion. The suspect claims his innocence but doesn’t remember how or when the stolen items made it into his car. The suspect is taken into custody and is booked on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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  2. So he robbed a home with a gun and gets aggravated robbery. I was robbed in my home a few weeks ago and almost beaten to death with a gun and being chocked while they argued about killing me and they got aggravated robbery, hmmmmm…….

  3. The gun (Rifle) seems to be a Ruger 10 22 with a kit put on it to make it look like a AR15. If it was a m&p 15-22 it would have a oval ejection port and no bolt handle. AR15 has a charging handle why would you need a bolt handle. FUN FACT

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