Houston Oilers Fight Song (Houston Oilers #1)

Houston Oilers Fight Song (Houston Oilers #1)

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This is the fight song of the Houston Oilers (later known as the Tennessee Oilers and now known as Tennessee Titans) with Ex-Oilers and Titans players who originally started with the Oilers. Here’s it is and enjoy.

NOTE: This video only features players who played for (or started with) the Houston/Tennessee Oilers prior to the 1999 NFL season.

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  1. I'm a Steelers fan and the Oilers were never Number 1 but I liked Luv Ya Blue. The Mike Renfro call was a bad call, but I always admired the Oilers fans spirit colors and Earl Campbell and a great rivalry with the Steelers Too bad they left the Texans aren't the same

  2. Great theme song.
    But unfortunately it is now the Tennessee Titans.
    If you like, you can ask the NFL to sign a petition to bring back the Houston Oilers name sake. That might be possible too.
    Either way thanks for the song.😢😥😥

  3. From Pennsylvania, live 56 miles north of Pittsburgh love this song, miss those uniforms. NFL can't get anything right. Hope the Oiler will reappear in a new city, or league, sometimes in the future.

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