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NORTH LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Hyperloop One, formally known as Hyperloop Technologies, has successfully conducted the first open-air test of the super fast train’s propulsion system in North Las Vegas, Nevada on Wednesday.

“This is the year when we reach our Kitty Hawk moment, which in our terms means the demonstration of the full technology of Hyperloop working at scale, fully deployed with the four primary innovations that we are working on,” Reuters quoted Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd as saying.

The Hyperloop, envisioned by Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, is a fully automated pod propelled by linear induction motors.

The compressor at the front of the pod sucks in air, pulling the pod forward. The compressed air is used in the air bearings underneath to levitate the pod.

The fully enclosed tunnel allows the pod to travel as fast as 700 miles in an ultra-low pressure environment and is unaffected by weather conditions. It can travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just 30 minutes.


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  1. I see no great or new accomplishment yet. 100 mph. Big deal. I can't believe they're acting proud of that. There are bullet trains already that would put that to shame.

  2. if the public doesn't want this, I'm sure the intermodal transportation sector would. have to get through the BNSF(Berkshire Hathaway/Warren buffet) And UP, lobbies. my guess is warren buffet will give Hilary a huge lump of money to the Clinton Foundation putting a halt to the HYPERLOOP for Intermodal use.

  3. wow and i heard it here first on tomo news, hahhaa, they might still redeem themselves as being news. but this thing will turn into a giant human meat grinder if any thing goes wrong.

  4. Now when I see this I gotta ask, how bad will this crash be at 700MPH when a bird gets smashed by this train and the animal getting stuck in the frontal fan of the train? I bet it will be pretty bad

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