I Broke My Third Gen Tacoma! ( Veterans Day Group Run)

I Broke My Third Gen Tacoma! ( Veterans Day Group Run)

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Huge thanks to every one that made it out to our first organized group meet. Everything went great until i broke the truck!

Edit- Finally found out what broke. Looks like i will be replacing my passenger side bearing, a tie rod, steering pump, and steering rack for a total of $4000 with labor. These trucks just dont seem to take hits like they used to.

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  1. I love the way the dog was rubbing his asshole all over the passenger seat. Maybe he can get some on the headrest next time. Remember this comment the next time you have a passenger in the front passenger seat.

  2. This sucks – hate that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you know you made a bad mistake, especially if it's something that could have been prevented. 🙁

  3. Hola amigo Mi nombre es Bryan y Necesito de tu opinión , yo quiero comprar una toyota tacoma 2013 automatico , pero tiene 123,118MILLAS Crees que la compre o no ……espero me ayudes gracias Bendiciones

  4. This is the largest group of 40k trucks in the woods that I've ever seen. I have a 4×4 2017 Tacoma with 3,000 miles that I wouldn't let people with muddy shoes ride in. If she was topless with 1 muddy shoe. maybe? lol I put Nitto mud tires on it just to make it look good. I do use it on the farm and pulling trailers so I guess the Nittos are justified, did I mention they look good ? ha ha ha

  5. Hay, awsome video. I am also in Washington. I live out in Yacolt. We’re is this place at?? I have a 17 Tundra 1794 limited edition that I just put a 6” lift and 35’s on. I want to take her out to play. Get a hold me me. would love to catch up and stuff. Get a hold of me and I will send you my number and send you some pics of my truck. I hope to hear from you. Talk to you soon.

    Sgt Fahn, Todd
    Us army

  6. That’s the disappointing thing about these rack&pinion style IFS soft roaders, would be stronger with a steering box, but they are more of a bitumen rig than anything.

  7. I can tell you guys must have corrupt & silly lawmakers , just from seeing the builds on the trucks ,do the tires need to be under fender flares & lift heights bumper height , considering the climate & weather in the N-West ,

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