Jim Jones Responds To Springfield Goons Running Down on Him & His Squad

Jim Jones Responds To Springfield Goons Running Down on Him & His Squad

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  1. I fw ur page but I wish u didn't talk so much an jus play the footage, it's like ur tryna strech out ur videos by jus talking an shown a picture here an there it's sometimes boring bro….

  2. Im Bridgeport ct more Dangerous city then Springfield but people from Hartford tell me that Springfield Massachusetts is the most dangerous city in Massachusetts twice more dangerous then Boston. He's gucci but security is not, do a show in Bridgeport next

  3. This happens everytime a rapper comes to springfield lol smh… your vibe attracts your tribe guess that's what happens when you bout that life…

  4. Soooo I'm FROM SPRINGFIELD. I'll let you know it had to do with more than the show money. Jim Jones staff was not respecting the rules of the club n they put their hands on one of the bouncers ON TOP of Jim being payed to perform n not no walk thru. The club staff wasn't feeling the respect he was showing them so they kicked these lames out of the city. Oh n that Gucci store this dude showing off is right at the airport. He was taking a flight out n a perfect time to show out appeared. He was frontin for the camera. Ask his bouncer if he Gucci!?! If his jaw healed up already 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. F.Y.I. 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson's REAL street-name IS Boo-Boo. He started using "50 Cent" as a "stage name" later on in life. Everyone from NY that grew up with him, knows him as Boo-Boo. Jim Jones is directly addressing 50 in the video. "We Gucci Boo-Boo". He was trying to be low-key disrespectful to 50, by putting his childhood nickname "out there".

  6. First of all … the honest truth is right now YOU CANT COMPARE 21 TO JIMS CAREER RIGHT NOW …. ARE YOU KIDDING ME ? I know you are trying to make a point , BUT YOU ACTUALLY MADE THE REVERSE ARGUMENT ….. AT THIS POINT OF JIM'S CAREER HE NEEDS TO PLAY WHEREVER HE IS AND DEVELOP SOME KIND OF GOODWILL ….HIS CAREER IS A WRAP !!! SORRY and that's why he got checked !!! Point blank

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