Jordyn Woods Is Telling a Whole Jussie Smollett Lie When It Comes to This Tristan Thompson Affair

As significantly as the Kardashians go, they are absolutely no angels. But just because the Kardashians have gotten their occur up by undertaking hoe shit, does not imply that they can’t contact foul when a person in their internal circle violates the female code.

And nevertheless, for some explanation, black social media is flocking to the protection of Jordyn Woods in the case against Khloe Kardashian underneath the guise of, “They’re selecting on a black girl.”

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Soon after hiding from the masses for a great moment, Jordyn lastly broke her silence by sitting down at her Auntie Jada’s pink table for a minor filmed treatment session. But here’s the difficulty: Jordyn did not convey to the whole truth.

Oh, I know that she claimed she did and she even provided to acquire a lie detector to confirm she was telling the reality, but I really do not think her. Here’s why.

Jordyn Woods Wishes to Surface Accountable But Is not Definitely Accountable

Throughout her session with Jada, Jordyn retains expressing, “I’m not striving to paint myself as the sufferer,” but that is precisely her finish-sport when you pay attention to her testimony. According to Jordyn’s version of functions, the only matter she did erroneous was go to Tristan’s dwelling for the following social gathering.

But I’m reasonably specific the point she did completely wrong was get physically personal with Tristan Thompson, her very best friend’s sister’s toddler daddy. Khloe would’ve been fine with Jordyn going to the occasion but what Khloe and none of the Kardashians envisioned was for Jordyn to do anything passionate with her newborn daddy. The dangling of the legs on just about every other and the “kiss” they exchanged are at the heart of the challenge. Be accountable for that.

Jordyn Woods Statements She Does not Blame Tristan Possibly

Now maintain up, this is where by Jordyn really missing me for the duration of the Pink Table Discuss episode. Her words to Jada were: “I was drunk. I was not tipsy. I was drunk, but I was not further than the level of recollection. I know in which I was. But on the way out, he did kiss me. No passion—no nothing—on the way out. He just kissed me. It was a kiss on the lips, but no tongue kiss, no building out. Practically nothing. And I do not think he’s mistaken, both, simply because I allowed myself in that place. And when alcohol’s concerned, people make dumb moves or people get caught up in the moment.”

So in this entire tale you concocted, you confess that you are pissy drunk and you acknowledge that you stayed out partying until the wee several hours of the early morning, and nonetheless you’d have us feel that Tristan Thompson, a regarded freak-a-leek womanizer, just kissed you on the lips great-bye with “no enthusiasm?”

That unbelievable lie is an insult in and of alone, but for her to then go to the difficulty of ABSOLVING Tristan, when she’s boasting he kissed her lets you know that Ms. Jordyn is hiding a thing. She’s masking up for Tristan for the reason that she knows that regardless of what went down that evening or has been heading concerning the two of them for a when now, is why Tristan felt snug kissing her on the lips.

Jordyn desires to have her cake and take in it too. She needs to seem genuine but she also doesn’t want to throw Tristan underneath the bus simply because she knows that if she does, that may possibly provoke him to speak out and genuinely reveal the extent of her deceit and betrayal.

Willow Did Not Have Time to Hear Jordyn’s Bullshit

For this episode of Crimson Table Converse, Jada took on the job of interviewing Jordyn by herself. Her mom briefly created an visual appearance in the intro to the present, but most notably absent was Younger Willow Smith. My principle: With Willow remaining a millennial like Jordyn, she was as well hip to the bullshit to sit there and bogus the funk, so she instructed her mama, “Nah, girl. I’ma sit this a person out.”

Willow, as we all know, has an all-observing third eye and when that third eye sees bullshit, she stays very well away from the mess.

So, yeah. Jordyn Woods’ tale is a full-ass lie and nonetheless lots of black people are caping for her since they’re mad that the Kardashian/Jenner ladies routinely and consistently date/marry/breed with black males.

Some people today, however, have rightly pointed out that several of the Kardashian/Jenner women have been accused of undertaking specifically what Jordyn did: Slumber with a friend’s man or ex-person. Issue in situation: Khloe Kardashian linking up with French Montana when he was absolutely boo’d up with Trina.

Trina, currently being the petty diva that she is, quietly posted an IG put up declaring she was “minding the business” she gets compensated to intellect, but The Shade Home pulled the receipts and sure ample, Trina suggests that she uncovered out about Khloe and French when the planet did. In fact, he was residing with her when he started out linking up with Khloe guiding her back.

So if you want to go just after the Kardashians for remaining hypocrites, then Ok. But don’t sit up right here and essentially imagine that cock and bull tale Jordyn is striving to peddle on your Fb Newsfeeds due to the fact that fable is watered down horse shit that was provided air time only simply because the Smiths needed to protect a spouse and children good friend. PERIODT.

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