Jussie Smollett’s Brother Says Jussie is Telling the Truth About Being Attacked & is Suffering From Night Terrors

The Smollett family is a gifted bunch of singers, writers and actors, but it appears that one particular of the Smolletts may possibly have missed his calling as a attorney, for the reason that the defense JoJo Smollett has mounted in the type of a visitor post on on behalf of his younger brother, Jussie, is the most compelling clapback that any person in Jussie’s camp has made to date.

Jojo, who was an actor and producer himself in the ’90s but now runs a nonprofit that can help developmentally disabled men and women rejoin the workforce, is the oldest of the Smollett siblings.

It is not apparent what spurred the launch of the guest column on, but the posting tries to dismantle the Chicago Law enforcement Department’s case against Jussie and also chastises the media for using the CPD at their word.

Below are some of the most salient, but conflicting, points from the report:

Jojo Implies the Osundairo Brothers Did Assault Jussie But Does not Explain Why Jussie Is Letting Them Off the Hook

On February 14, the day that the Osundairo brothers had been introduced in for questioning as suspects, Fox Information documented that the Chicago Law enforcement Communications Director, in reaction to leaked resources inside the section, had started spreading the phrase that Jussie had supposedly staged the attack, mentioned that the law enforcement chief “has contacted @ABC7Chicago to point out on the history that we have no evidence to assistance their reporting and their supposed CPD resources are uninformed and inaccurate.”

If the CPD had no proof to assist the strategy of a hoax, prior to interviewing the Osundairos, then they base their total circumstance in opposition to Jussie on that interview. The law enforcement chief later on admitted that the guys built no mention of a hoax right up until the ultimate hour that they could lawfully be held. By this time, Jussie experienced by now refused to indicator a complaint in opposition to the Osundairos, confident that these males, 1 who he experienced regarded a pal and the other an acquaintance, could not be his attackers. Most importantly, detectives refused to exhibit Jussie movie, pics, or any evidence to prove they ended up the attackers.

The simple fact that these two brothers, who in the remaining hour confessed to attacking my brother nevertheless say it was Jussie who told them to, is all the proof that the police and the common community essential to be persuaded, really should be scary to all people.

Is that all it will take to damage a lifelong determination to one’s craft and community? Is it definitely that easy to encourage the world of a person’s guilt? Is that all it will take to flip someone’s lifetime upside down in The us? Simply just inquire by yourself this, “What if Jussie is telling the reality?”

With not a single inkling of strong proof, numerous considered the phony witness testimony from two suspects who turned into witnesses, even though they lacked conventional credibility.

It was beneath-documented that a single of the “witnesses” had beforehand been arrested for attempted murder ending with a plea offer for aggravated battery, or that the brothers regularly expressed homophobia on their social media in the earlier. On top of that, it was never ever described that they transformed their tale while underneath police interrogation.

In this section of his piece, Jojo statements that the Osundairo brothers only threw out the declare that they ended up in on the hoax with Jussie at the conclusion of their law enforcement interrogation.

He also promises that the law enforcement failed to demonstrate Jussie video clip, photo or proof that the brothers ended up his attackers, which prompted Jussie to refuse to push charges against them.

But then Jojo undermines the credibility of the brothers by saying the brothers had a history of “homophobia” and one particular of them had an tried murder charge from them, which can make it appear to be like the spouse and children does think they did it.

It’s bewildering. For the reason that both the brothers did assault Jussie and Jussie refused to prosecute them for it, which raises the concern of why he would enable them to get away with it. OR Jussie doesn’t consider the brothers did it and instead, the CPD is framing them for a thing they did not do. And if that is the situation, why is he not aggressively in pursuit of his true attackers?

Also, the plan that the Osundairo brothers would be homophobic and even now have interaction Jussie as “friends” would seem like a bit of a extend. Jussie, by his brother’s personal admission, plays a obvious gay character on Empire and is a vocal LGBT activist and out homosexual individual in his personal lifetime.

If homophobia is their M.O., would not they have avoided Jussie from the outset? Why would the Osundairo brothers make a supposedly near romantic relationship with Jussie only to assault him randomly for getting gay, which you knew he was all together?

Jojo Claims the Chicago Law enforcement Office Jumped the Gun in Their Tv Interviews and Lack Bodily Evidence

Just one important note, the Superintendent of the Chicago Law enforcement Office announced publicly that Jussie’s motive in staging an attack was so he could make more cash from Empire.

Fox immediately mentioned that wasn’t correct but the police main never withdrew his accusation. The chief also said as truth that Jussie had despatched himself the threatening letter that arrived at the Empire creation offices months right before the assault. The FBI then refuted this declare. All over again, the main did not suitable his accusations. Allowing it float for the community to either feel or not.

Following quite a few of these illustrations, any individual would have concluded what we realized — that the overall law enforcement situation rested on two witnesses that lacked believability and there was no physical proof tying Jussie to this criminal offense.

Now Jojo is accurate in that individuals other than Jussie’s camp undermined the narrative that the CPD was pushing. Namely, the FBI refuted the statements that it had been established that Jussie sent his very own threatening letters. But it also did not accurately exonerate Jussie.

And while the CPD’s trustworthiness absolutely was weakened by the a great number of leaks to the press and the overzealous Tv set interviews, it’s also real that the primary information of Jussie’s story nonetheless do not make any perception.

Why would two MAGA supporters (in Chicago of all sites), randomly look for Jussie out to assault him at 2 a.m. in subarctic temperatures on a January night? And even if that Ended up correct, why is Jussie not adamant about discovering his attackers and keeping them accountable?

Jussie Has PTSD From His Assaults and Blames Social Media for His Name Harm

What concerned me the most is, as the CPD ongoing their marketing campaign versus Jussie, I begun to see an on the internet “bandwagon” approaching disregarding irrespective of whether there were being any serious specifics to recommend his guilt. In an hard work to match in with the momentum on social media, quite a few appeared to roast him, demean him, and chortle at a traumatic and agonizing ordeal.

Jussie is as strong as iron, but pursuing an assault like this, there is a ordinary and normal total of put up trauma that typically any one must be expecting to go through. I have basically viewed him violently awakening from night time terrors, adhering to the assault. Some of my siblings, as very well as Jussie’s associate and closest pals have noticed comparable issues.

I mean, no offense, but Jussie didn’t maintain any lasting accidents from the alleged assault. Based on the mugshot, homeboy has a bruised cheek and a small minimize.

Also, Jussie did not aid the scenario when he acquired onstage and produced outlandish promises like “I’m the gay Tupac,” so you just can’t set this all on everyone else, Jojo.

Jojo Claims Jussie Had No Preference But to Forfeit the $10,000 Bond

Jussie has been an entertainer considering the fact that the age of five, and enjoys his craft. He is a consummate singer, dancer, actor, and the funniest particular person I have at any time known. Now, regretably, he finds his livelihood in jeopardy.

Jussie was worried that forfeiting the $10,000 bail could appear like an admission of guilt. In fact, not spending, and proceeding with a probably multi-yr process that would bankrupt him and his job was not a real looking possibility. Even now he carries immense monetary burdens for his authorized defense and stability demands.

This tends to make zero feeling. Jussie was certainly proper to believe that the forfeiture of the bond income would look like an admission of guilt, because it is.

No one, primarily anyone who claims the CPD has NO Actual physical Proof From HIM, would forfeit their bond and wander absent from the situation wholly.

If the CPD’s complete circumstance is baseless and you stand on that, why would you not proceed with the defense of clearing your identify, since you’ll arise victorious and probably be capable to recoup those people litigation causes in any case?

And by the way, the determination to forfeit the bond in an endeavor to avoid a high priced, prolonged authorized struggle is a moot level given that the CPD is pursuing Jussie in courtroom on civil fees. So what was the point?

All in all, although Jojo’s letter produced some valid points, it did not do more than enough to deal with the Grand Canyon-sized holes in Jussie’s story, but for a former-actor, it was a first rate attempt at playing lawyer for his brother.

And of program, the decision to use as a platform was clever as they had been additional probably to be far more pleasant to Jojo’s biased POV and not scrutinize the articles as much as, say, The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal.

For instance, Jojo misspelled the Nigerian-American brothers’ names as “Osundario” alternatively of “Osundairo” and Wager unsuccessful to correct it, indicating this was possible a piece that went to push with a minimum volume of modifying or fact-checking.

Butm what do y’all consider? Did Jojo’s minimal letter make you shift to Workforce Jussie or are you continue to lookin’ at him sideways?

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