Lady Luck Lives in Virginia, and She Won the Lottery 30 Times in ONE Day

Seemingly, “Lady Luck” is a authentic lady and she lives in Virginia.

Previous month, Deborah Brown obtained 20 “Pick 4” lottery tickets and played the numbers 1–3-1.

She said she felt something various about that working day, so she bought a different 10 tickets for the very same video game and played the very same four quantities, ABC 7 NY described.

“A few of periods for the duration of the working day, I noticed individuals numbers,” Brown explained, in accordance to NBC News.

It turns out, Brown did the correct matter, simply because her figures hit that working day, and she received the leading prize of $5,000 for Just about every ticket, which is $150,000! (Ed. Take note: Picture if she experienced bought 100 tickets.)

“I virtually had a coronary heart attack,” Brown reported when she claimed her prize, which she claimed she’ll use to renovate her residence.

In circumstance you’re thinking what the odds are of profitable a haul like that, Virginia Lottery officers say that it is about 1 in 10,000 … which means you are additional very likely to get struck by lightning (1 in 3,000) or end up dating a millionaire (1 in 216).

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