Las Vegas 3 Story Home For Sale | $545K | 4,934 Sqft | 5 Beds | 3.5 Baths | Roof Top | 3 Car

Las Vegas 3 Story Home For Sale | $545K | 4,934 Sqft | 5 Beds | 3.5 Baths | Roof Top | 3 Car

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Realtor: Chakits Krulsawat
Simply Vegas
1780 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy #100 Henderson, NV. 89012

Location: City of Las Vegas Southwest Valley
Community: Fox Hill Estate
Model: The Madison


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  1. I like the design (for the most part!) But the living room and family room is too close, it may as well be one large room with a fireplace/combo walk-wet bar and still have a good flow into the kitchen and dining room areas for optimum living … and depending on your individual families needs, there would be no need for a secondary master on the lower level (I prefer a second floor master in certain areas because of the views) otherwise that lower level could have an indoor theatre and a wine room (instead of what it looks like now) but I'll tell you what! THAT EXACT SAME HOME! POOL INCLUDED! would range from $500,000- $750,000 here in the Cleveland area (depending on what suburb, and what side lf town) but overall I like it and I was actually thinking that a house like this being under $600K was actually A GOOD DEAL!

  2. It's a descent Home, .it rambles a bit, but its overpriced(in my opinion)…I can see perhaps in the very low 3's asking price, but it certainly does have its pluses, I'm 6'5, Sooooooooo, Low ceilings are a big petpeve of mine….Thank you for the awesome tour, I would appreciate you doing more home tours of homes.

  3. i would take it, But some changes definitely need to be made which would be additional cost. Do Any of the Windows even open??. On each? Floor?. if not the house can actually contribtue to hralth problems make you ill.

  4. uk house prices dont make sense houses here r crap and u would be paying double at least for that house 10 times if it were in london that is a big house compared to the uk standards we got rubbish weather i have no money to move it sucks so if any1 want to help me move to the states iam a hard working scottish guy

  5. Too bad you couldn't go outside to get a better look at the backyard. I love the privacy that the wall provides. Overall it's a decent spot but I agree with you there are some questionable choices in the design. Plus moving into a house with that many twists and turns would be challenging especially with large heavy furniture.

  6. What’s up with the fence in from of the street, and how do you get a car in the garage if there’s a fence that looks like it doesn’t open in front🤔🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. Standard interior doors are 6' 8" which makes the lowest ceilings in the house near 8 feet tall. Beautiful house. Are you trying to sell this house, cuz you are doing a really bad job at it. Lots of wrong facts and weird opinions. Like a HUGE walk in shower is "decent?

  8. It's beautiful, I would love to own it. Just getting LAST minute priority straightened out before anything… Thank you for sharing your video of this BEAUTIFUL estate…

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