Mall altercation caught on video in Fort Myers

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Mall fight at Edison Mall in Fort Myers. We’re in the height of the holiday shopping season, which makes this video of a group fighting in public at the mall even more concerning for some.

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  1. Fort Myers is so ghetto.this goes on every day in schools, malls,on the Street, Court rooms,Grocery stores. Fort Myers has the most ignorant black people you would ever imagine. The whole damn city is on Welfare. The black police chief still hasn't made a comment on These Hoodrats.

  2. Dear Fox 4:

    Why is the reporter's face and "sternum" area above her shirt two totally different colors? Is it some CGI remedy? It's kind of awful to see the color move around while she is speaking. Please stop that.

    -A concerned citizen.

  3. Aren't negroes precious, aren't they just fucking wonderful? What would we do without all these gems of diversity? First of all the crime rates would drop by at least 90% and it would be safe to walk the streets of our once great country again. Of course we would also need to deport the 50+ million third world illegal invaders to further reduce this incredible reduction in crime.

    This is the solution to America's number one problem. We must return all negroes back to Africa where they truly belong, releasing them back into the wilds of Africa into their natural habitat. Negroes can continue their crime sprees among those who truly deserve to live among them, after all they are all brothers.

    They can even have Jesse Jackson as their new leader. After all they want negro presidents, but America has had one too many negro presidents already. I guarantee we will never have another one. Jesse Jackon says "Boom Shakalaka, Boom Shakalaka, Mothafuckaz"

  4. Observe how our intrepid media are NOW in overdrive to distract from this insanity by going after the relative of a deputy who said bad words. Because bad words are the same as a violent mob fight in a crowded public space. It took them 4 years of journalism/marxism school to perfect such ludicrous moral equivalence.

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