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Meek Mill – Going Bad feat. Drake (Official Video)

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Directed by: Kid Art
Video Commissioner: Joseph Boyd
Executive Producers: Cartier Brown and Andrew Goor
Executive Producers: Gary Bryman and Sarah Park
Video Producer: Zachary Wright

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  1. Meek ur great w out the fake drake started off his career in a wheelchair ill break his legs n walk around w L in the eeeair

  2. 1:13 6ix9ine?

  3. 1.54. Hoo9oo

  4. Bruh this is going to be Lebron and Kyrie when they re unite and tear the league a new one

  5. Playin with my name that shit is lethal dawggg 🔥 🎶

  6. Seeing TIP makes me happy idk why

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  8. the culture needed this


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  10. The real question is why nipsey hussle is only in the video but not rapping. Makes zero sense!

  11. This about Nicki Minaj . i hope yall know and listen to drake outro

  12. Is there just one rap song out now, every single one sounds the same…he was good on that teenage Canadian show though

  13. Yo I thought this was a movie

  14. Who's going to Motivation Tour?

  15. Hey its that song from Spotify

  16. I played this for my dog and he started walking me

  17. Richard Mille cost a Lambo 💸

  18. what other famous rappers did y’all see in this video? .. i saw a couple but i want to know all that appeared

  19. Follow this new lit couple account , I want dissapoint also follow backs : @soulbmxr89 that’s the Instagram

  20. الذكريات هي أكثر ما يُرهق المرء .

  21. Word is Quentin wrote both of their verses so its all good

  22. Who ever wrote this for drake went off

  23. Am In love wit this song tho

  24. All these bosses crazy

  25. On behalf of the Legends, with all due respect to those you coming after and those still trying to be real, the Music is TRASH!

    We can say we as real, trying to be as real, or trying to do better the world, but whether we know it or not, if the music isn’t helping the world it’s TRASH! But it ain’t they fault ! What you do when you do know is!

  26. Русские есть ??

  27. There is to much pauses in the music

  28. Glad they squashed the beef

  29. Dame i miss rap beef! 😔👎😒

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