Mirenlife Compact LED Penlight Tactical Pen Outdoor Self Defense Equipment Business Office Pen Portable

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Price: $18.99

Ultra-high hardness material determine that Mirenlife tactical pen could be a perfect outdoor self-defense equipment to protect you from danger all the time.
Pen body material: aviation aluminum through hard anodic oxidation processing.
Pen head material: High hardness tungsten steel and its hardness is above HR90.

Multi-use functions will take you more surprise.
First, Mirenlife tactical pen can be used as the best outdoor self-defense tool. Tungsten-made attack tip can broke glass apparatus easily and it will help you to quickly escape from dangerous place under emergent circumstance.
Second, it contains an ultra bright LED bulb that will operate for over 10 hours on one set up batteries.(Button battery: LR936/ AG9 ).
Third, the writing function, lightweight, regular size and the appearance of a pen will make it can be used as a normal writing tool. You can clip it to your shirt pocket, backpack, jeans, etc, so easy and portable.

How to use?
1. Turn on/off the LED flashlight: find the convex button near the pocket clip. Click once to turn on/off.
2. Replace the batteries: unscrew the pen (approx. 1.4” down from the top of the pen) and take out the old batteries. Put three new batteries into the same position.
3. Replace the refill: unscrew the pen at the part of approx. 3.54” down from the top of the pen to take out the old refill and put a new one into the pen.
4. Using for writing: Unscrew(approx. 1.6” up from the tip of the pen) to remove the pen cap.

Accessories information:
Pen refill: The refill of Parker ink cartridge for ball-point pen, gel ink pen or other refills of same size. In our store, there are the tactical pen refills for sell, black color and blue color. Welcome to choose from.
Button battery: LR936/ AG9

Package included: 1 x Mirenlife Tactical Pen; 1 x Replacement metal pen refill; 3 x button batteries(One set);1 x Gift Box.

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