Onboard Amtrak 365 “Blue Water” departing Port Huron, Michigan 6/13/15

Onboard Amtrak 365 "Blue Water" departing Port Huron, Michigan 6/13/15

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For a quick Amtrak ride, and little railfanning trip, I rode Amtrak 365 the “Blue Water” from Port Huron, Michigan to Lapeer, Michigan for only $9.00 one way. The Blue Water would continue onto the next stop of Flint after departing Lapeer. The final destination would be Chicago, Illinois. We ride to Lapeer, Michigan, the first stop of the route, and arrive about 3 minutes early of the scheduled arrival of 6:28 a.m after departing Port Huron on time at 5:40 a.m. Here you’ll see the departure from Port Huron and then through the Michigan forest and countryside. At Lapeer, after Amtrak cleared the signal block near a passing track, a CN Intermodal was given clearance to get onto the mainline after Amtrak cleared. That clip will be uploaded separately as this video would take ages to upload.

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