Pickle vs. City Hall: The fight to save Chicago carriages

Pickle vs. City Hall: The fight to save Chicago carriages

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Horse-drawn carriages are an iconic Chicago attraction — but a proposed ordinance from Alderman Ed Burke would crush this industry completely. If passed, business owners would have to close up shop, and their horses would likely be sent to shelters or sold at auction.

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  1. I am adamantly opposed to horse drawn carriages in the City. Horses should not be exploited by humans and do not belong in the City. How can we allow horses to be abused on our streets like this? What year are we in that this is still permitted?

  2. You go Larry!  It is true:  The City of Chicago has four agencies that regulate horse-drawn carriages, BACP, Transportation, CDP and Animal Control. None of them has ever issued one citation showing any animal cruelty, congesting of traffic, or sanitation problems on the street or in the stables.  Yet, Hon. Ald. Burke repeats unsubstantiated Cultural Discriminations against horse and the very agricultural industries that rebuild Chicago after the fire and hauled all of the materials for the World's Fair of 1893.  It was here that Ms. Bertha Palmer had the Women's Pavillion  built of material consisting of plaster of paris and remnant horse hairs so that it could be collapsed easily after the Fair.  Mrs. Potter Palmer and her friends would often travel by horse drawn Brougham thru Lincoln Park or down Lief Ericssen  Blvd. (now Lake Shore Drive) and Michigan Blvd. … and commercial traffic was prohibited so as not to obstruct the peacefulness of their views.  Contrast that with today's illegal truck traffic and honking horns.
    Keep up your good work Larry. It is not the horses that smell bad in Chicago!
    DON, the horse guy

  3. Hang in there, Larry! You and your horses and carriages are a wonderful, important part of the city. We're here in NY with the same fight going on to keep the horses right where they are. This is great that you're getting the word out. 

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