Police Brutality caught on camera – out of control compilation # 3

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SHARE THIS PLEASE!! police brutality caught on camera out of control compilation , Police brutality is out of control , police brutality caught on camera 2014 – 2015 , police brutality compilation 2014 …..police brutality caught on camera all over the US. Police harassment , It’s so disgusting! this is just some of the videos that are out there. It’s completely out of control. we all need to share this to get the word out that we are not going to stand for this!
I have watched the police throw my father on his head and rip his hair out for absolutely no reason, even when i was a very little girl.

You would think that with all the people catching all the police brutality on camera that they would stop, or at least try not to when people are around, but no it seems like it has gotten even worse!
i swear someone high up must be telling them fuck it, you wont get in trouble just bust there faces in with your flashlight, choke hold them, and then for fun go a head and throw some mace up in the mix! Dont forget the TASER!. I have always hated police, but now I cant even believe my eyes. Police brutality has got to stop! and now! it is completely out of control
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  1. oh wow.. something like that never gona be in my country (switzerland) but i understand your police officers .. they'r never know are you armed or not! you should change your weapon policy. you peaple are crazy…

  2. Castellanni DID IN FACT resist. That is OBVIOUS from this vid. Fuck the SJW's. BTW, what did he do to get tossed from the casino? His mommy says he is an angle, Im sure.

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