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Students have gone back to school, the economy has been down for a long time and the holidays are approaching which means crime goes up. Be PRO-active and protect yourself and your loved ones before something happens. For Police Magnum OC-17 to be fully effective, you must engulf the assailant’s face, specially the eyes, nose and mouth. One hand operation. Police Magnum OC-17 generally has a range up to 10 to 12 feet. Wind and other conditions may alter the range or effectiveness. Avoid spraying into the wind if possible. Shield your eyes and face if you must fire into the wind. Causes no permanent injuries. Non-toxic & Non-flammable. The wonderful thing about Police Magnum OC-17 sprays is that it is affordable for everyone to purchase, it is easy to carry and not cumbersome. It is highly effective and unlike a gun, nobody can get hurtPOLICE MAGNUM MACE PEPPER SPRAY 1/2oz PINK MOLDED KEYCHAIN & PINK POCKET KNIFE
EFFECTIVE AGAINST Rapist Muggers Car Jackers Animals
The keychain is very simple to use small non-cumbersome model. This unit sports the red safety actuator. When you slide the red actuator to the left it is on safety and can not be fired or misfire on you.
3 inch pocket knife is made of 440B stainless steel to last for years of usage. The Knife is 3x.75 inch folded and has a 2.25 inch blade. It has a loop hole to connect to keychain or other mechanism and has a small ball chain attached. Easy to open and easy to close.
Made in the USA, Expiration Date 2020, Ship without retail package.

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