Porsha Williams Unleashes On NeNe Leakes’ “Nonchalant” Attitude During RHOA Reunion: “That Sh*t Is Hurtful!”

Thoughts ran superior (and lower) throughout the Actual Housewives of Atlanta reunion creating Porsha Williams to completely go off on NeNe Leakes for her “nonchalant” mindset.

Component two of the season 11 RHOA reunion aired Sunday night (Apr. 14). All through the episode, a checked out Leakes sat on the sofa unbothered by her castmates as they aired their grievances with her.

But when the sole OG housewife stated that no one showed her guidance though she struggled as the caretaker of her ailing husband, Williams snapped.

“Honestly, I would appreciate to sit below and just be as nonchalant and just not give a f**k as NeNe is staying right now, but the fact of the make any difference is, when we identified out [about Gregg’s cancer], we were there for you, and we genuinely pray for you and your husband.”

Even though Leakes did not even check out to make eye call, Williams continued: “Your main concern is you really don’t know how to take the assist from your good friends.”

Throughout aspect a person of the reunion, Leakes repeatedly mentioned that she no longer considered Williams—or any of the other “housewives” for that matter—a mate.

A expecting Williams unleashed and let it be identified through section two how harm she was by Leakes’ text and angle.

“And then at this issue, now where we are is f**k all of us. That sh*t is hurtful!

“That makes me feel like any encounter I have at any time experienced with you was fake. For you to sit right here and say, ‘No, I didn’t get you a present,’ and ‘No, you are not my friend’ … You have sat right here and informed me so a lot of moments considering the fact that we have been on this couch—which is model new to me—that we are not mates. Ok?

“So just fully grasp that what you are undertaking, you think it’s all nonchalant and adorable, but that sh*t f**king hurts because me and my fiancé have prayed for you. And my mother! All of us!

“So, the reality that you will sit in this article now and give a large f**k you to all of us is really f**king hurtful. I cannot depart this damn sofa without the need of stating that.”

Host Andy Cohen turned to Leakes to get her response to Williams’ emotional speech. Leakes seemed straight into Cohen’s eyes and reported, “No reaction.”

Stunned at Leake’s cold demeanor, Cohen attempted to changeover into the next topic—”Closetgate.”

“Did some thing take place with your belt?” Cohen questioned Williams. And almost immediately, Leakes jumped in to shut Cohen down.

“I’m not gonna beat this thing, okay? It was a breakdown, ok?” Leakes said. “And I really don’t feel like I need to sit up in this article and be like, ‘I had a breakdown! I had a breakdown!’ You saw me have a breakdown. I never have to be sorry for having a breakdown. I am human. I experienced a normal breakdown, alright?”

RHOA Viewers know that “Closetgate” refers to an incident that occurred when Williams and Kandi Burruss barged into Leakes’ closet without the need of her permission. The invasion of privateness induced an alleged off-digicam alteration among Leakes and a pregnant Williams.

Cohen yet again tried out to broach the matter, but Leakes wasn’t obtaining it.

“Don’t hold bantering again and forth with me about it, ok? Do not retain pushing me above it, all right? Do not,” she mentioned sternly.

The Andy-NeNe showdown and the dialogue of Closetgate will conclude subsequent Sunday (Apr. 21) on the remaining reunion episode.

It was obvious from the starting of section one that Leakes had no curiosity in carrying out the reunion with “those women.” She was emotionally detached and created many digs at Williams and Cynthia Bailey, the two housewives with whom she’s (intended to be) closest.

And also, we have to have to applaud Porsha Williams for calling Leakes out, as perfectly as for her own growth. The then-mom-to-be managed the circumstance perfectly. She used her words—not her hands—and was genuine when addressing Leakes.

Regretably, NeNe was not able to get it.


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