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Post Malone – “Wow.” (Official Music Video)

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“Wow.” by Post Malone. Song available here:

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Kind of directed by James DeFina
Creative Direction: Bobby Greenleaf


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Written by DJ Pro


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  1. このおっさん何もんなのw

  2. i love it

  3. Adama bak beh

  4. I see Ricardo in thumbnail, I click

  5. I thought he was saying it’s a woman when i saw i got to say wow 😐

  6. Post Malone é monstro!!!!!

  7. noone:
    this guy: imma dance rn
    everyone: pikachu face meme

  8. First time I listened to Post Malone.this Slaps. Then I see ol' boy in the video dancing…He got off! 😏👍 Good Shit!

  9. G wagen, G wagen, G wagen…

  10. Song Parts:

    Verse 1 – 0:15
    Chorus – 0:44
    Verse 2 – 1:08
    Chorus – 1:46
    Outro – 2:14

  11. post now looks like a vandalized james arthur lmao

  12. That dude is so ugly in tattoo and a psycho

  13. ❌❌❌D A M S K O❌❌❌

  14. Different, but so awesome

  15. Wow post got a better life than lil pump

  16. The old man dancing killed it 💃

  17. hit like for the old man dancing

  18. If you readin dis, i hope you get rich

  19. wow can't believe he's rich n famous
    that was wickity wack

  20. Lit af🔥

  21. 1:27 Wow


  23. Nothing can ruin this good song
    TikTok: HoLd My BeEr

  24. I'm still waiting for you in Milan

  25. Where are The 🇩🇪🇨🇭🇦🇹🇳🇱

  26. Who is that weird guy dancing 😂😂😂

  27. I would love to spend a day with Post Malone

  28. Only one word : Owen wilson

  29. i wanna comment something cool 'bout it but i don't have any ideas

  30. Man this dude doesn’t make one bad song all of his songs are 🔥

  31. post malone is tha best

  32. Post Malone got that natural swag that grin so confident definetely SEXY luv some #PostMalone 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  33. Post malone's reaction to the man while he is dancing =priceless like you just stole the show

  34. Salute to the Old Man🔥🔥🔥

  35. This is the same tune as Sunflower but with different lyrics.

  36. This is how many times Post Malone says "wow"

  37. He looks as a Mexican drug dealer

  38. Hasta la polla de esta canción en Instagram

  39. Ahgjajzhu

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