Post Pride Fight @ Wrigleyville Taco Bell

Post Pride Fight @ Wrigleyville Taco Bell

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  1. all that yelling was unnecessary if his ass knew he couldn't fight… but me i woulda asked him nicely not to say nigger or nigga again… and if bro did again i woulda kindly got up and whopped his ass and anybody else that wanted to be apart of the shits… me i probably woulda blacked out when i heard him say the shit non black and white people need to stop thinking that shit is cool to be saying nigga and nigger… idgaf what your 1 punk ass black friend let you do around them.

  2. Damn, what a clean hit!! And he was in and out of both the pocket AND the frame, he didn't stumble forward like most people who throw a punch. That was amazing. Dude who got rocked turned into the Thinker

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