Raw Footage Police Brutality Compilation 2

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The similarity between this video and the first part of this video is the bystanders. All of the people who could have done something or made a change cowered down in fear and just watched. I would have defiantly started something and i hope you would have too.

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  1. HA! how mutch is a womans diggnety worth??? bruh, get FaceBook and Instagram and you see the it´s worth ZERO! the are on SAEL like Black Friday! all TRUE, STOP twerk!!!

  2. your video has provocative captions. I want to see links to the actual reports as well as the story behind them from both sides. other wise you are just another fox news trying to fire people up upon the issue of racial hate. I'm not saying I don't believe you I'm saying people without the credible sources are nothing but an opinion if you want to help your cause provide all the necessary information to prove what you are saying is true.

  3. This why people are just shooting cops now and they deserve it. This won't end until the cops end their brutality, when you know you won't get fair treatment you will fight back.

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