Rowdy Black Woman Throws Her Baby So She Can Fight On Hartford City Bus

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A sick ghetto black woman gets into an altercation after cursing a storm. She throws her baby so she can scrap with another.

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  1. I don't get why people are mad at the woman with the baby she did not fight with the baby and her arms she was smart enough to pass her baby to someone versus fighting with the baby in her arms if someone would say fuck you and your baby you would not beat the hell out of that person people are saying they would call CPS on her for child abuse clearly she did not abuse the child in anyway so that's a stupid thing to say a smart thing to say is what if the person she handed the baby to took the baby from her that is something to think about versus that she's a bad mother

  2. This is a BIG reason why many blacks end up the way they do.From a VERY early age ,they hear nothing but screaming and fighting.I blame a big part of this on black women.

  3. So we can easily say that the future of that baby is going to be very very bad. This is why there are a lot black crimes in society. Since the way they are raised is the main cause of this.

  4. Everyone who is focusing on her race needs to shut up! Don't you dare say nothing about black women if you don't even know the story behind our history (and no i am not talking about slavery) Get your facts straight before you wanna start downgrading another race

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