Russian POLICE in action [JACK JONES] Compilation [2017]

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Russian POLICE in action

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  1. I love Russia, man. People think russians are stupid, drunk fightmongers, but they are quite the opposite. My russian friends are the most loyal and honest people you could ever meet. It's their political leaders that are the problem.

  2. The guy with the shovel would have been shot in the U.S. Russian cops actually know how to defend themselves and use hand to hand skills.

  3. He was attacking with deadly metal sharp poker. Other officer got stabbed in arm. Ya, he the Police had NO choice, they had to put him down. This guy looks crazy n don't even care cops have guns with them. Kicking cop like that AND THEN coming at the cops with about the same as knife n already injured one cop with quite a bad injury in the officer's arm. He needs to be put to sleep so he got it.

  4. I think more police should be like the Russian police because then there'd be minimal crime like fuck I wouldn't mess with the Russian police, the American police are like pansies compared.

  5. The Porsche case from 6:10 to 13:10 is funny. Basically, there happened to be two Cayennes with the same license plate number. And it's not something extraordinary, it's just a similar taste (or lack thereof) for black luxury cars and license plates with the number matching the regional code, which for Moscow is 177.

  6. If u plan to go in Russia, please, don't rent/buy/drive a Porsche Cayenne or Macan. Russian riot police seems not appreciate suv branded Porsche 🙂

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